Summer Juice Recipes

7 Summer Juice Recipes That Are Extremely Refreshing

  • by Robin Frey

Looking for tasty summer juice recipes?

Check out our quick and easy-to-make summertime juices that will keep you out of the kitchen and poolside perfect all summer long.

The 7 Best Summer Juice Recipes from Chef Ari Sexner

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All of these recipes were crafted to perfection by classically trained chef Ari Sexner.

1. Refreshing Watermelon Juice 

This watermelon juice infused with mint and lime is easy to make with your home juicer or add it to your juice bar menu. While it’s amazing as a hydrating juice, it is also very versatile and can be used a number of creative ways, even as a cold-pressed cocktail base. Just add vodka, or for a mojito add rum, and for a margarita, add tequila.

2. The Best Fresh Strawberry Juice

Our strawberry juice recipe can be added to any menu as a seasonal item or used to impress your guests at home. In this cold-pressed juice, strawberries aren’t the only star ingredient. We add fresh cantaloupe, lemon, pear and ginger to give the juice a balanced flavor that tastes amazing and is simply the best! This recipe is great to make during the summer since strawberries are in season which can help make it a relatively cost-effective juice.

3. Golden Sweet Green Juice

two glasses of cold pressed green juice made with mint, pineapple, green apple and cucumber on a wooden cutting board

Make this naturally sweet green juice for your friends or your kids and you will be the hero of the day! Hydrating cucumber and sweet golden pineapple are sure to make a believer out of those anti-juice types. 🙂 Plus, it’s easy to make at home, and it’s light and refreshing.

4. Fresh Pressed Apple Lemonade 

Two glasses of lemonade and ingredients on a cutting board

This fresh lemonade juice recipe can be added to any juice bar menu, or it can be easily made at home. Ditch the sugar-packed processed juice and switch to this all-natural healthy alternative made from fresh lemons, apples, and ginger. As always, this juice can be dressed up with vodka and gin (depending on your preference), or you can throw in a few strawberries for some added color and sweetness and make strawberry lemonade.

5. Refreshing Cucumber Green Juice

cucumber juice recipe for diabetics

Cucumbers have been a source of nutrition for thousands of years. Native Americans, Ancient Romans, and 17th century physicians all believed in the hydrating and amazing health benefits of cucumbers.

6. Spicy Watermelon Juice

two glasses of cold pressed watermelon juice with green apple, lime, beet and chilies on a wooden cutting board

Popular in Mexico, aguas frescas (which is Spanish for “fresh waters”) are light, flavorful drinks made by blending fruit with sugar and water. This is our spicy, sugar free version of the fresh beverage.

7. Homemade V8 Juice

This chef made recipe is our cold pressed rendition of the popular V8 beverage. What makes this recipe particularly summer worthy is using fresh ingredients from the garden and the fact that it makes an amazing Bloody Mary base!

Equipment note: We used the M-1 commercial juice press to make these juice recipes, but you can use pretty much any type of juicer. Just keep in mind that the quality will always be higher when using a juice press.

Learn more about the industry-leading commercial juicers we use to make our recipes.

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