Goodnature M-1 commercial cold press juicer in a cafe coffee shop

Goodnature M-1

Our newest addition to the Goodnature Family, the M-1 is built specifically for making the highest quality juice on-demand, one glass or one bottle at a time. Perfect for juice bars, restaurants, or bars with fresh cocktails.


The Goodnature M-1 is the first commercial juice press built specifically for juice on-demand. Now you can deliver Goodnature quality juice in our smallest footprint ever, one glass at a time. A commercial juicer for juice bars, restaurants, or even a home juicing business.


Goodnature cold press juicer in green

True Cold Pressed Juice

A Goodnature juice press is engineered to deliver the most delicious and nutritious juice for you and your customers.


Commercial Duty

Built for businesses that need reliable and dependable equipment. NSF and UL certified, quality tested. Made with pride in Buffalo, NY.


Minimal Cleaning

Designed with the operator in mind, all food zone parts may be easily removed by hand and washed in a dishwasher or sink.

Quality is Everything

A Goodnature juice press brings out the best of each and every ingredient in your juice. Our patented two step process stays as close to nature as possible, helping you craft the most delicious juice you've ever served.

Hands holding herbs with grapes and lemons

Nothing compares...

"Beautiful to look at, easy to clean, easy to use. I have had many juicers over the years and nothing compares to the taste of juice from this juicer."

Cynthia W., Maine

Goodnature Juicing


FreshFilter® Press Bags

Compostable, biodegradable press bags made from renewable resources. Limited use bags cut down on labor time and help protect your customers from food-borne illness.


Herbivore® Grinder

Our patented grinder loves kale just as much as it loves apples, ginger, and even almonds, making it the most versatile grinder ever created.


WholeFruit Hopper

With a 3.5 inch wide mouth, there’s no need to cut or peel most fruit and vegetables. Easily feed Herbivore® handfuls of kale, whole lemons, and more.


Press and Walk Away

While the press is doing it's thing, your staff can be prepping the next batch, checking out a customer, or starting cleanup. Single button operation.


Press-Safe Interlocks

Grinder and press are fully enclosed while operating. This protects the juice from contamination, and the operator from injury.


Elegant Engineering

A beautifully hand-crafted machine. Sweeping curves and rugged materials give the iconic Goodnature look. Several color options to choose from.

Product Specifications


2.5 lb/batch
1.1 kg/batch


22"h x 12"w x 25"d
56cm x 31cm x 65cm

Key Features

ReadyGrind™ Technology, Herbivore® Grinder, WholeFruit Hopper, PresSafe Interlocks, FreshFilter® Press Bags, small footprint, quiet, elegant design

Max 12 oz Bottle Production

25 servings/hour

Max 16 oz Bottle Production

20 bottles/hour

Max Output

2.5 gal/hour
8 liter/hour

Typical 16 oz Bottle Production

10-15 bottles/hour


70 lb | 32 kg

Electrical Ratings

Single phase, 115v, 60Hz, 8 Amps
Single phase, 200-240v, 50-60Hz, 3 Amps


Made in Buffalo, NY, USA – NAFTA certificate available upon request