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Welcome to our world.

A place where inspiration does not fall far from the tree.
We invent juicing equipment that brings out the best of nature.
We treat our machines like part of the family–each with its own unique design specifically crafted to suit our customers’ needs.

It all started with our father and his passion

Before we were a company, our father and founder, Dale, was a Rocket Scientist meets Free Thinker. His Aerospace degree came from the University of Toronto, but his love for inventions started with taking apart his Dad's watches. After leaving his job at a company that built military defense equipment, Dale pursued his passion for positive craftsmanship by creating small juice presses from his cabin in the woods.

– Dale Wettlaufer

When a local farmer asked Dale to make a juice press for his orchard, Dale agreed. He decided to go into business if he received 100 inquiries over the next year. When it was over,

We had received 99 letters total.

*We figured one got lost in the mail

We Grew From There

Goodnature was born

A lot has changed since Dale created "The Roadsider" for those farmers back in 1976, yet some things remain sacred. We still manufacture all of our products from design to production in Buffalo, NY. We still listen to customer needs and maintain our passion for constantly improving everything we make and everything we do.

Many of Dale's inventions have become industry standard, thanks to our vow to stay as close to nature as possible. We always put juice quality first – the machine design follows. 

Original Sketches

from Dale’s notebook

It’s all great fun

We find happiness in respectfully harnessing what nature offers: perfection. We’re always dreaming up new ways to make great things as a family. From small startups to larger businesses, we hope to help you find the same delight in juicing up nature’s best and leaving your positive mark on the world.

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The genuine value in Goodnature is the family behind the brand.

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The presses are well built, easy to maintain and clean.

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