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Bring Out the Best of Nature

Bring out the best of nature

A Goodnature juice press slowly extracts juice in a gentle and natural way, preserving the unique essence of each individual ingredient. Taste juice that's simple, raw, and memorable—the way nature intended.

    Bring Out the Best of Nature


    It all started with our father and his passion.

    Before we were a company, our father and founder, Dale, was a Rocket Scientist meets Free Thinker. His Aerospace degree came from the University of Toronto, but his love for inventions started with taking apart his Dad’s watches. After leaving his job at a company that built military defense equipment, Dale pursued his passion for positive craftsmanship by creating small juice presses from his cabin in the woods.


    Featured Juice Presses

    M-1 Cold-Press System

    M-1 Cold-Press System

    The M-1 is the first commercial juice press built specifically for juice on-demand, one glass at a time. No longer do your customers have to choose between “fresh” or “cold-pressed”—now they can have both. Taking pre-orders now.

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    X-1 Mini Cold-Press System

    X-1 Mini Cold-Press System

    A step up from the M-1, the X-1 Mini produces the world's greatest juice 3-5 servings per batch. We've taken the best features of the famous X-1, improved on them, and put them into this compact system. The perfect juicer for a small juice business producing bottled juices.

    X-1 Cold-Press System

    X-1 Cold-Press System

    The X-1 is a professional juicer capable of producing more than a thousand bottles of juice per day. Now in its third generation, the X-1 is used by successful cold-pressed juice, nut-milk, and kombucha producers in more than 60 countries, making it the world leading commercial cold-press.


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    Juice Business Consulting

    Goodnature offers the industry's best consulting for your juice business. We can help with everything from formulating custom recipes, to getting approved by your local health department and training your staff.

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    The commercial juicing blog

    The original commercial juicing blog since 2014 started by Goodnature owner Charlie Wettlaufer, with over 30,000 readers per month.

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    The Juicing Companion

    The Juicing Companion is a new book that aims to be the only tool you need to create amazing recipes. It's not recipe book, it's an idea book!

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