Mission and Values

Why we do what we do.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people and their families live healthier and happier lives.

We are accomplishing our mission in the following ways:

  1. Inventing juicing technologies that produce the healthiest and most delicious juice possible.
  2. Providing expert consulting services that enable our clients to serve better juice to more people.
  3. Doing our part to build a supportive, helpful community for our industry.
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Goodnature Values


Always Be Improving

We strive to improve our workplace, products, customer experience, processes, and communication. We are open to change.


Help and Educate

Internally we are always helping each other grow. Customer facing, we provide tools and resources to help ensure our customer’s success.


Produce Positivity

We are kind, patient, and supportive. We show people that we care at every possible opportunity to help brighten their day.


Embrace the Challenge

We put forth an honest effort and do our best even when confronted with a challenge we aren’t sure we can accomplish.


Make an Impact

When we see an opportunity for improvement, we speak up and are heard.


Speak the Truth

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and keep the promises we make. We will not speak negatively of others.


Cultivate Community

We help our industry collaborate, learn, and grow. We work to give our customers a platform to share knowledge and inspire.


Do Work We're Proud Of

We ask ourselves, “Is this the very best we can do?”


Own Our Mistakes

Mistakes happen every day, the most important thing is finding a solution to the problem so it can be resolved efficiently.