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Introducing Hummingbird. All new cold press juicer for home and business.


Goodnature Hummingbird

Meet Hummingbird, the newest cold press juicer from Goodnature, the brand trusted by thousands of juice bars in over seventy countries. Built for bulk juicing. Fully stock your refrigerator in a short juicing session.



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Two Models

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Hummingbird Pro

Our most compact commercial juicer ever created. Small and light-weight enough to be comfortably operated in a home, yet powerful enough for a restaurant.

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Hummingbird Pro XL

Pro XL has a press double the size of the Pro model. Suitable for a bottled juice business, capable of producing up to 60 bottles of juice in an hour by one person.

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Quality is Everything

Superior Extraction

Extract nature's most vibrant, nutrient rich juice. Only possible with Goodnature's patented cold press process.

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almond milk and ingredients to make this cold pressed recipe including dates, vanilla bean and raw almonds

Natural Versatility

Goodnature's natural cold press process can extract juice from thousands of fruits and vegetables, and even nuts for non-dairy milk.

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High Volume

Produces enough cold-pressed juice in just a short session to fully stock a refrigerator at home, or even at a juice bar.

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Hummingbird is Perfect For

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Juicing Families

The brand trusted by thousands of juice bars is now available for home, enabling families to fully stock their fridge in a single juicing session.

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Juice Bars & Delivery

Hummingbird is commercial grade and efficient enough to be the heart of a juice business, with the XL model producing up to 60 bottles of juice per hour.

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Cafes and Restaurants

Hummingbird is easy to operate, simple to clean, and NSF certified. Offering the world's greatest juice to your guests has never been easier.

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Watch the Launch Event

Watch the YouTube launch event that aired on May 2nd, 2024.

Goodnature Family

Trusted by thousands of juice companies in over seventy countries.

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Engineered for Enjoyment

From the superior juice quality to easy cleaning, Hummingbird will help you, your family, or your customers consume more raw fruits and vegetables every day. Imagine actually loving the juice making process.

Hummingbird Features


FreshFilter Press Bags

Compostable, biodegradable press bags made from renewable resources. Single use bags eliminate the need for cleaning and sanitizing press bags, reducing labor time and keeping you safe.


Press and Walk Away

Single button operation allows the operator to perform other duties in the kitchen while the press is extracting juice. Prep the next recipe, start bottling juices, or cleanup your workspace while the juicer is busy.


PressSafe Interlocks

Grinder and press are fully enclosed while operating. This protects the juice from contamination, and the operator from accidental injury. Family friendly, safe operation.


Engineered for Enjoyment

From the superior juice quality to easy cleaning, Hummingbird is pure joy. Imagine actually loving the juice making process.


Ultra High Yield

Hummingbird's new dual-cutting blade and adaptive press come together to create the highest-yielding juice press ever created. Extract more juice from every pound of produce.


NSF Certification (pending)

NSF certification is your key to making sure that the products you use meet strict standards for public health protection. NSF listed equipment must be safe to operate and easy to clean. Application pending as of May 2024.

Compare Models

Humming comes in models appropriate for both home and business.

Comparison image
Comparison image


Hummingbird Pro

Hummingbird Pro XL

Highest Quality Juice

Ultra High Yield

Press and Walk-Away

NSF Certification

FreshFilter Press Bags

High Volume

Cabinet Height

Press Capacity

3 lbs

6 lbs

Batch Size

36 fl oz

72 fl oz

Bottles Per Hour



Machine Height (operational)

19.5 in.

21.5 in.

Storage Height

17.6 in.

19.2 in.


35 lbs

40 lbs

Hummingbird Technical Specs


Pro: 3 lbs/batch (2.3 kg/batch)
Pro XL: 6 lbs/batch (2.7 kg/batch)


Pro: (fully assembled) 16.3" L x 12" W x 19.5" H
Pro XL: (fully assembled) 16.3" L x 14.6" W x 21.5" H
Removing hopper reduces height by 2 inches.

Key Features

Compact, Light Weight, Dual Pressing Speeds, Intelligent Display, FreshFilter® Press Bags, Adaptive Press, Quiet, Easy Cleaning

Max 12 oz Bottle Production

Pro: 30 bottles/hour
Pro XL: 60 bottles/hour

Max 16 oz Bottle Production

Pro: 20 bottles/hour
Pro XL: 40 bottles/hour

Max Output

Pro: 3 gal/hour (11 liters/hour)
Pro XL: 6 gal/hour (23 liters/hour)

Typical 16 oz Bottle Production

Pro: 15 bottles/hour
Pro XL: 30 bottles/hour


Pro: 35 lbs (16kg)
Pro XL: 42 lbs (19kg)

Electrical Ratings

US and International Standards


Made in Buffalo, NY USA

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