Experiences from our Goodnature Family

"If you're thinking about upgrading to the next bigger juicer, this comment is for you. Do it!

We opened in May with an M-1. It got us open and earned us some customers, but we wouldn't have been able to grow like we have without the X-1 Mini. Ability to scale matters!

We were pulling all nighters making enough juice for the weekends when we were first opening. Now, we call it a day at a civilized hour and have time in the kitchen to do other things too. We've grown from about 100 juices per week at the beginning to about 400 per week. No way we could have done that without the right machine.

We have our eyes set on the X-1 at some point soon. As the Goodnature folks say...Peace. Love. Juice."

Jill Keefe | Good Living Greens - Fountain Hills, AZ

"We are forever grateful for the team at Goodnature and the high quality cold-pressed juicers that they make, the high level of customer service, and the knowledge and expertise of their team.

We started with a M-1 and quickly grew into the X-1 Mini and followed into the X-1. Any time there was a question on the juicers, the team at Goodnature answered so quickly and they treat you like you are part of their family - because you are. 

As we continued to grow into our first brick and mortar location - we brought on the consultation services from Goodnature with Olivia Esquivel and our business jumped with the advice she provided and helped to create the best smoothies and acai bowls in town.

Thank you so much Goodnature! We are so proud to be part of the family and we can’t wait to continue to grow with you by our sides."

Lynsay Connell | Norfolk Juice Co. - Ontario, Canada

“Ari is a classically trained chef and the top juice bar consultant for Goodnature. He has helped us create our menu of delicious juices and wellness shots. We had the privilege of hosting him at Fresco Juice Co. a few weeks ago! He helped us create many new exciting things that will hit the Fresco menu in the future. Let’s hear it for Chef Ari!”

Fresco Juice Co. | Billings, MT

“We had the honor of having Chef Ari Sexner of Goodnature Products in our shop this week, sharing his pro tips and years of experience in the juicing industry.

Ari, it was great spending time with you! You have inspired us in new ways AND we loved those yummy nut mylks you made!!! Thanks for all you do and for the service you provide to our industry. Until next time… keep on juicing!”

Bodhi Tree Juice Company | Grand Haven, MI

“We are absolutely pleased with the help and support Goodnature has provided in assisting us with our new cold-pressed juice production using both the X-1 and the X-6. We made numerous calls to their office asking copious amounts of questions. It did not matter to Goodnature how often we called. From the first call to the last and all calls in between, Goodnature patiently walked us through every step. The amount of guidance Goodnature provided through emails, voicemails, telephone calls and even Skype calls, was immeasurable. We truly recommend Goodnature for your cold-press juice needs.”

Stephen Messina | Liberty Fruit Co. –Kansas City, KS logo

Stephen Messina | Liberty Fruit Co. – Kansas City, KS

“After trial and error with other machines, finding Goodnature was the best thing for our small business. We were able to grow from a home based business to our brick and mortar. We are proud owners of an M-1 and X-1 Mini which allows us to offer bottled and made to order juice. The quality of juice these machines produce is impeccable! Goodnature has done an amazing job providing information and resources for anyone thinking of starting a cold pressed juice business.”

Yessenia Aquino | Nyam Juicebar – Murrieta, CA logo

Yessenia Aquino | Nyam Juice Bar – Murrieta, CA

“We highly recommend Goodnature. When we started planning our vegan café in 2016, we knew we would eventually grow larger and expand our menu. We decided to purchase a Goodnature X-1 from the very beginning to support our core menu of organic, cold-pressed raw juices made in-house daily. Our team is excited to use the equipment and can’t wait to start learning it when they come on board with us. We are proud owners of Goodnature equipment and rely on their training materials and expertise to enhance our knowledge base of the cold-pressed juice industry. Our café is one of only a few in Fort Worth, TX that offer exquisite and flavorful juices that are only made possible by Goodnature’s passionate team, excellent equipment, and unyielding support of businesses like ours.”

Charlsye Lewis | Boulevard of Greens – Fort Worth, TX logo

Charlsye Lewis | Boulevard of Greens – Fort Worth, TX

“Starting a new business can be pretty scary. There is so much you have to think about and when it comes to starting a cold press juice business one of the most important decisions is picking out a juicer! I am so grateful to have discovered Goodnature because our M-1 Cold Pressed Juicer has exceeded all our expectations!”

Bea Green Cold-Pressed Juices | San Diego, CA logo

Bea Green Cold-Pressed Juices | San Diego, CA

“You will be pleased to know we absolutely love our Goodnature M-1. I am truly amazed at the quality craftsmanship and performance. It was definitely worth the wait. I am so excited I can finally start my 30 day juice cleanse. Thank you so much!”

Nathaniel Burling | M-1 Owner – Alaska, USA logo

Nathaniel Burling | M-1 Owner – Alaska, USA

“I appreciate everything Goodnature does, very punctual and great service. As well as an impeccable quality product. The X-1 “Thor” as we call him, has exceeded all of our expectations.”

James Quandt | Juice Swell – Ventura, CA logo

James Quandt | Juice Swell – Ventura, CA

“This juicer has really set the bar HIGH! I juiced the other day using my personal juicer, “Kuvings”, and wasn’t very pleased. My juice was thick and I didn’t like that at all. My M-1 has changed my juicing life and I’m just so grateful.”

Diamond Welch | Vegan & Things – Las Vegas, NV logo

Diamond Welch | Vegan & Things – Las Vegas, NV

“I wanted to thank you, especially Fabienne Gallego, who helped me out enormously these last few months. She did a perfect job! I am delighted with the services, advice, and attentive help with even the smallest details that Goodnature provided throughout the purchasing process. The articles on your website and your Facebook page have helped a lot.

Perrine Heijmans | Pimsie – Belgium logo

Perrine Heijmans | Pimsie – Belgium

“For the last eight years, Squeeze Juice Works has depended on the durable, hardworking juice presses created by Goodnature. We currently have two (2) X-1 presses and a new M-1 in service daily. Keeping our community strong and healthy.”

Kelly Lessem | Squeeze Juice Works – Saint Petersburg, Florida logo

Kelly Lessem | Squeeze Juice Works – Saint Petersburg, Florida

“Working the X-1 Mini has been an absolute delight not only on functionality but also on quality of the final product!”

Omar, Founder | Noah’s Juices – San Diego, California logo

Omar, Founder | Noah’s Juices – San Diego, California

“In the beginning we juiced with another brand. Soon, business picked up and we decided to make an investment with Goodnature. Immediately, literally EVERYTHING changed for the better with our juices and production.”

Phresh Juice Bar Team | Inglewood, California logo

Phresh Juice Bar Team | Inglewood, California

“We put our new X-1 to the test with some apples. Wow! What a machine! It works so well, so fast, so efficient, and the yield and quality of the juice is amazing, virtually no solids. It is easy to assemble, to use and to clean. The fact that a set of high quality tools are included along with clear instructions make it darn near foolproof and the service you folks have provided has made the entire purchase process a delight. We are really looking forward to using the machine in our ongoing research efforts.”

Drew Horton, Enology Specialist | University of Minnesota logo

Drew Horton, Enology Specialist | University of Minnesota

“We just got this about two weeks ago. I love the versatility and the way that it makes an impact on our kitchen. It allows us to create new ways to bring ingredients to our guests through cold pressed sauces, ceviches, cold-pressed cocktails. So we love the M-1…we stand behind it.”

Chef Brian Howard, Chef Owner of Sparrow + Wolf Las Vegas logo

Chef Brian Howard, Chef Owner of Sparrow + Wolf Las Vegas

“The juice is always worth the squeeze when you’re using the M-1 by Goodnature.”

Marcel Vigneron, Creative Culinary Director and Celebrity Chef logo

Marcel Vigneron, Creative Culinary Director and Celebrity Chef

We are so grateful to have the best raw cold press juicer in the juice industry right now – it’s the focal point to our storefront and all of our nutritious recipes! So much gratitude your way @goodnaturepro.

Mindful Juicery | Broadview Heights, OH logo

Mindful Juicery | Broadview Heights, OH

The number one thing that sets us apart from our competitors is our machine, the Goodnature. We started with the Omega then switched to the Pure. We had the Pure for 2 weeks and realized it’s a great machine, but not for commercial use. We quickly realized we needed a Goodnature.

Francesca and Freddy, Co-Founders| Cranky Carrot Juice Co –Houston, TX logo

Francesca and Freddy, Co-Founders | Cranky Carrot Juice Co – Houston, TX

Over the last 8 years, growing from juice truck to juice shop and using many types of juicers along the way, Goodnature machines are hands down our favorite. Reliable machines, consistent high quality juice, and a community that supports you as your business grows– we choose Goodnature.

Jordan Rosendale, Founder|jk Juices – Findlay, OH logo

Jordan Rosendale, Founder | JK Juices – Findlay, OH

If you are using anything other than a Goodnature cold press juicer– it shouldn’t be qualified for business. I almost feel guilty for beginning my juice business with a masticating juicer. The Goodnature difference is night and day. 1) The quality it produces. 2) The machine is very durable. 3) The grinder isn’t pushing your supply through a metal screening. 4) In between press times you can prepare another item. Anything time consuming gets cut in half when operating the M-1. I have had nothing less of great feedback and my customer base is more than pleased. Having this machine actually helped solidify my brand as far as what customers are looking for as well asme keeping a genuine word on producing the highest quality juice. Goodnature itself has made me go from mixed emotions on my business to completely falling in love with the process. THANK YOU.

Devin Williamson | Blue Faces Juice – Raleigh, North Carolina logo

Devin Williamson | Blue Faces Juice – Raleigh, North Carolina

I have been waiting to get a Goodnature press for quite a few years (after discovering that is what made the juices so special at a few places I had juice from). Finally Goodnature came up with this smaller one, the M-1, and I LOVE it! Managed to fit it in my small home kitchen with no real counters, beautiful to look at, easy to clean, easy to use. I have had many juicers over the years and nothing compares to the taste of juice from this juicer. We now have juice a few times a day. For me this is healthcare. I wish every household could have one! Really life changing!!!

Cynthia W. | M-1 Owner – Deer Isle, ME logo

Cynthia W. | M-1 Owner – Deer Isle, ME

Goodnature understands business. They make quality products and have a fun team that offers quality services. I highly recommend getting into business with Goodnature!

Annie Parks, Founder | the Balanced Bee – Peoria, IL logo

Annie Parks, Founder | The Balanced Bee – Peoria, IL

The first Pure Green location opened in 2014 and we started making cold pressed juice using the Goodnature X-6 and X-1. Both pieces of equipment are highly durable, effective and can withstand the test of time. We have found the level of customer service and support at Goodnature to always be exceptional. I have been highly impressed with the Goodnature team. As a company, they always seem to be one step ahead of the curve and are constantly improving and innovating.

Ross Franklin, Founder & Ceo | Pure Green Franchise –USA logo

Ross Franklin, Founder & CEO | Pure Green Franchise – USA

Six years ago, I decided to purchase juicing equipment from a company other than Goodnature and the decision came at a big cost. Just under 2 years ago, we purchased from Goodnature as we could not continue to purchase from the previous one. The difference has been night and day. Our production is so much more efficient now because of all the little details thought out by Goodnature. From pumps and swivel presses allowing easy discarding of pulp, shredders, etc., we are operating far better than we used to. Also, our maintenance costs have gone down a lot as the equipment is much more durable and reliable. The other company I used did have phenomenal service, but they just didn’t have the years of experience and refinement of the equipment to make it as good as Goodnature’s equipment.

David Ojobaro | Squeezed – Nationwide, USA logo

David Ojobaro | Squeezed – Nationwide, USA

We were considering a cold press juice program for Plum Market so naturally we reached out to Goodnature. From the initial request for information to purchasing our first X-1, developing amazing recipes and setting up the machine the entire Goodnature staff has gone over and above to make sure that we were taken care of. It worked so well that we outgrew the first X-1 within the first month and had to move up to a higher capacity X-6. The quality and durability of both machines is excellent but if there is a problem there are great resources on their juice blog or they are just a phone call or e-mail away. Thank you guys for putting a quality product out and for being a pleasure to work with.

Phil Cassise, Vp Produce Meat and Seafood | Plum Market –Michigan logo

Phil Cassise, VP Produce Meat and Seafood | Plum Market – Michigan

When we started in Boise Juice Company in August of 2016, we knew that the quality of our product would always come first. We ordered our first Goodnature X-1 because we knew it was the best commercial cold press on the market. The sales team is incredibly helpful and friendly! We have worked with the parts and service department and we truly can’t say enough about them. They have walked us through servicing and replacing small parts on our X-1 and really spend time with their customers to help them get the most out of their Goodnature equipment. With three locations and a fourth on the way, we ordered our second X-1 and having two machines running has been an absolute game changer for us! We are very proud to be working with equipment we trust and with a company that helps us provide the very best product to our community. Boise Juice Company will always be a part of the Goodnature family!

Jes & Ro, Co-Founders | Boise Juice Company – Boise, ID logo

Jes & Ro, Co-Founders | Boise Juice Company – Boise, ID

We knew we wanted to use a Goodnature press as they are the best in the business, but we were even more pleased when we discovered the consulting side of the business. Ari has been an amazing resource for our new business. From operations to implementation his knowledge and willingness to help have been instrumental to our success. He has a passion for what he does and wants to see you succeed, no matter what your goals are. I would highly recommend his services to anyone, at any level, that is looking for guidance in this industry.

Travis Gordon, Co-Owner | Carolina Juice Company – Cornelius, NC logo

Travis Gordon, Co-Owner | Carolina Juice Company – Cornelius, NC

Baby Katie’s Pharm and Kitchen is a family farm focused on food healing and ending food insecurity. In short, we plant kindness and cultivate joy, and what makes a person happier than great juice? For my comfort, we had to partner with a company focused on making the world a better place. It couldn’t just be cold pressed – It had to be Goodnature. The X-1 Mini is our icebreaker, it’s our introduction, it’s our first impression and the juice it produces has become what people remember us by. Thank you Goodnature for believing in us!


Katherine E. Juhan-Arnold, Owner - Baby Katie's Pharm and Kitchen - Snellville, GA

Three yogis started a juice bar with the X-1 Mini and never looked back. We love everything about it, the size, how quiet it is, and how easy it is to clean. Not to mention the nutrients and enzymes saved in a proper cold pressed machine. Working with Ari’s recipes was worth its weight in gold – he is incredibly knowledgeable and everything he provided is delicious. Cheers to juice!

Lauren Hallczuk, Co-Founder | Free Range Juice –Williamsburg, VA logo

Lauren Hallczuk, Co-Founder | Free Range Juice – Williamsburg, VA

We purchased the Goodnature X-1 cold-press hydraulic juicer in 2016 for the opening of our restaurant and we haven’t looked back! At Judy – Cantine Qualitarienne in Paris, France, our menu is elaborated by an Australian naturopath so the quality and nutritive value of our products are of utmost importance. The X-1 rises early every morning, every day to provide our customers with the best and freshest organic cold pressed juices and house made almond milk in town! The success of our juices and clean eating philosophy has seen Judy’s little sister open just next door – Judy’s Market where our fare is available for take-out! We also distribute our cold-pressed juices to the restaurant LouLou in the heart of Paris’s latin quarter. A big thank you to Goodnature for helping us promote our health and good vibes message here in Paris!

Dominique Gassin | Judy Cantine Qualitarienne – Paris, France logo

Dominique Gassin | Judy Cantine Qualitarienne – Paris, France

Our employees enjoy working with a machine that makes the task easier for them and this is reflected in the juice production.

Our X-1 machine complies too with our philosophy of protecting the natural essence of the food we consume. We are committed to our duty to ensure that our customers actually drink liquid fruits and vegetables and we achieve this thanks to Goodnature.

Vitology – Yucatán, México logo

Vitology – Yucatán, México

We consulted Goodnature for guidance in our cold-pressed juice recipes and procedures. We have used consultants in the past, and I have to say Ari is exceptional. He has tremendous knowledge and truly takes on your goal / vision. He was readily available to us and he worked efficiently to deliver exactly what we wanted in a very cost effective manner, staying within our budget. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Michael Youssef, Founder | the Nutrition Factory – Tampa, FL logo

Michael Youssef, Founder | The Nutrition Factory – Tampa, FL

We purchased X-6 in India with a lot of apprehension wondering how it would work out as there is no local service center or training personnel. But we were absolutely delighted with the arrival of machine. The X-6 was perfectly packed during the transit. The demo videos and online support never felt anything less than local support. The machine is easy to operate and maintain. Customer service is so prompt and always there to help you. In fact, the customer service is better than any company we have ever dealt with.

Monika Singh, Sattwa – India logo

Monika Singh, Sattwa – India

Ari and Goodnature provided the necessary foundation to bring the juice program to life at Cub Foods. The training and recipes they provided allowed us to quickly bring a full line of fresh squeezed juices to our customers in several of our stores. They have helped provide guidance on the assortment we should offer to maximize our sales and profits.

Robby Cruz, Vice President Fresh, Supervalu | Cub Foods –Stillwater, MN logo

Robby Cruz, Vice President Fresh, Supervalu | Cub Foods – Stillwater, MN

Real&Raw is really excited to be using the unique Goodnature X-1 Juicer. We are producing the best juice quality in the island of Maui, Hawaii! Nothing can beat our cold pressed juices with the X-1!

Real&raw Team at Java Cafe – Maui, HI logo

Real&Raw Team at Java Cafe – Maui, HO

Pressing, bottling, labeling and shipping thousands of juices per week is not easy! It takes careful calculation to avoid waste, a skilled production team, and state of the art equipment by Goodnature. It takes the best to make the best and we da best!

Paul Baudier, East Coast Co Packing – Brooklyn, NYC logo

Paul Baudier, East Coast Co Packing – Brooklyn, NYC

I used slow juicers of different brands in the past, but then switched to a Goodnature CT7 and it has been a tremendous improvement to the quality and speed of my juices. It’s a beast of a machine, reliable and good looking, causing customers to be intrigued by the process of juice making.

Johnny Ma, Sap Bagel & Juice Bar – Netherlands logo

Johnny Ma, Sap Bagel & Juice Bar – Netherlands

Have to say that the anticipation was worth the wait! Since receiving the CT7 in New Zealand it has been amazing getting such fantastic feedback about the quality of the juice from our customers. Goodnature – you have outdone yourselves with this compact yet stunningly functional juicer.

Grant Maxwell, the Kitchen – New Zealand logo

Grant Maxwell, The Kitchen – New Zealand

The first Licensed & Certified organic cold-pressed juice and plant powered foods in RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA.

We at R A W Juice are very excited to use Goodnature’s juicers. It’s our goal to produce premium cold pressed juice in Saudi Arabia and with your help, you have made it come true. With Goodnature I’m able to take cold pressed juice to a whole new level and deliver the best quality to our customers. So thank you Goodnature!

Haifa M. Alblehed, R A W Juice – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Martinelli’s is a fifth generation family apple juice company founded in 1868 in the beautiful Pajaro Valley on Monterey Bay in California. Our cool coastal climate and fertile soils produce some of the best tasting apples in the world. Our Martinelli’s Gold Medal® juice is pressed from 100% U.S. Grown fresh apples and quality is our number one goal. We replaced our traditional rack and cloth vertical hydraulic presses with Goodnature squeezebox presses when they were developed (about 25 years ago?) and to this day, they produce the highest quality juice of any press on the market. Although we have added presses as our business has grown over the years, the original machines are still in operation, proving to be of very robust construction. Much of the development, refinement and testing of new concepts has taken place in our plant, and we have greatly enjoyed the collaborative partnership we have with the Goodnature team over almost three decades.

S. John Martinelli, President, Martinelli’s Apple Juices& Ciders – Watsonville, CA logo

S. John Martinelli, President, Martinelli’s Apple Juices & Ciders – Watsonville, CA

Before adding cold-pressed juice to my business, I did a lot of research to make sure that the equipment I was investing in was the right long-term choice. I called several juice businesses across the country and even visited a few to see their juice presses in action. After a three month enquiry, I was confident that the Goodnature X-1 was hands down the best choice. After owning an X-1 for nearly two years, I couldn’t be happier. Our customer base is growing. Our juice recipes are spot on, and people in my community are hooked on a healthier-happier lifestyle.

Russon Holbrook, Earth Born Market – Mcallen, TX logo

Russon Holbrook, Earth Born Market – Mcallen, TX

Goodnature has been nothing but top notch in all that you folks do from our initial inquiry to the demo, sale, delivery and follow up. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to purchase the CT7. Our volume continues to grow each week and so far the CT7 meets our needs. We are in hopes that we will be trading up to the X-1 in the future as we build our brand.

Ron Kubiak, the Healthy Scratch at Harborcenter- Buffalo, NY logo

Ron Kubiak, The Healthy Scratch at Harborcenter - Buffalo, NN

I have purchased many X-1 juicers over the years for different locations that I operate. I never waste my time looking for what other juicers are trending or popular at the moment. I always pick the X-1 because it works every time and makes great juice. Don’t waste your money trying to cut corners. Buy the X-1 and rest easy.

Cary Moiser, Cafe Gratitude – California logo

Cary Moiser, Cafe Gratitude – California

I started Famous Juice Company in 2014 with twenty-nine dollars, a fifty dollar juicer, and a dream. Using slow masticating juicers got us by for a few years, but the demand in San Antonio has grown far bigger than what we could produce with these small juicers. When looking into commercial juicers, we knew Goodnature was the company we wanted to work with since they have similar values, and small start up story. Our new X-1 juicer has enabled us to reach and serve more people in our community, increase productivity, and scale our business. The Goodnature X-1 is “The Gold Standard” in raw juice equipment with customer service unparalleled. We will be lifelong customers. Thank you Goodnature!

Amos Lozano, Founder of Famous Juice Co. – San Antonio, TX logo

Amos Lozano, Founder of Famous Juice Co. – San Antonio, TX

Been working with Goodnature for several months. Eric was so patient and helpful in the process leading up and after our purchase the Countertop CT7 model. Prior to purchasing the CT7 my business was using 2 single auger masticating juicers and juicing was very time consuming. Since using the CT7 we have cut our time down significantly and they are ALWAYS a phone call away when it came to my questions. Eric and Ari both were SO helpful and always got back to me within a few hours (sometimes minutes). Customer service exceeded my expectations, as did the juice yield. We can easily make 1 gallon in 10-15 minutes where that used to take us upwards of 1 HR. Very pleased with with quality and construction and customer service!! A+++

Kate Coleman, Raw Replenish – Red Hill, PA logo

Kate Coleman, Raw Replenish – Red Hill, PA

We at Re:Juice wanted to provide our customers with the best quality of juice and all reviews pointed to the Goodnature X-1. The reviews were spot on. We have been using our X-1 for the past 6 months and we are thrilled with the quality of our juice and the ease of use of the X-1. Our customers have given us excellent feedback on the quality of our juices and we are proud to show off our X-1 to our customers when they visit our shop.

Hassan Elsharkawy, Re: Juice – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia logo

Hassan Elsharkawy, Re: Juice – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Goodnature has been nothing but ABSOLUTELY amazing – not only because of their quality equipment, and offering tools that can literally be a core for an entire business model and all for totally affordable prices, but also their customer relationship skills and the willingness to help small business. We’ve learned that having the right tools can make a business, and by partnering with Goodnature it’s almost as if 2000 pounds have been lifted off our shoulders. Such an amazing commitment to customer satisfaction and quality. I cannot give enough credit and thanks to this company for creating such an amazing category in business and really helping to elevate heath and well being! Thank you guys, for everything you do, and I look forward to growing with you into the future!

Blake Lewis, Superfood & Company – Carlsbad, CA logo

Blake Lewis, Superfood & Company – Carlsbad, CA

Despite having multiple years of experience as a restaurant owner, I soon discovered there were unique elements to the juice bar business. Having Ari to assist with any questions and consult on the cold-press process was instrumental to our success. Even Eric, our Goodnature equipment rep, was helpful in connecting me with other people in the industry who have now become advisers and life-long friends.

Omar Kasim, Founder of Juice Palm – Fayetteville, AR logo

Omar Kasim, Founder of Juice Palm – Fayetteville, AR

Purchasing the X-1 has been a huge contributor to our enhanced production capabilities. It has allowed us to produce a higher quantity of juice, without altering the quality. The machine is sleek, easy to use, and easy to clean. We have been operating off this machine for almost a year and have had no maintenance issues. Working with Goodnature has also been a wonderful experience from the start. They work with you diligently to ensure you are taken care of and they fully answer all of your questions. We still reach out from time to time and receive a response in the same day. We cannot say enough about their products and customer service—thank you, Goodnature for changing the game in commercial cold-pressed juicing!

Katelin Slifer, Juice Co. Lg – Los Gatos, CA logo

Katelin Slifer, Juice Co. Lg – Los Gatos, CA

The thing about the X-1 which turned out to be such a blessing in disguise – and which we weren’t even aware of at the beginning, was that it was so easy to operate, with great versatility as far as what you could do with it. Initially, we were just looking for a larger scale carrot and apple juicer. But as the business has grown and changed, and as we’ve come up with new ideas, we’ve been able to adapt the X-1 to whatever our needs are.

Arden Zinn, Arden’s Garden –Atlanta, GA logo

Arden Zinn, Arden’s Garden – Atlanta, GA

We started Ginger Juice in 2015 and we were juicing on Norwalks for the first year and a half. We have 11 different recipes, including cleanses. In October of 2015, we opened our first retail location and then opened 2 kiosk locations in the spring of 2016. With the Norwalks, we were able to produce a little less than 1 gallon of juice per labor hour. To produce the amount of juice we needed, it was going to take about 40 production labor hours, 3-4 days/week (roughly $1.86 in labor costs alone per bottle). We knew that this would not be sustainable so we looked into purchasing the X-1. After the first 2 weeks of having the X-1, my labor cost per bottle is roughly $0.75. Not only have I saved roughly 60% in labor costs but the X-1 yields more juice than the Norwalk so I’ve seen a reduction in my food costs. It’s easier to clean and doesn’t require as many staff members using the machine (thus reducing the margin for error). Overall, I’m really glad we decided to make the purchase and I look forward to creating even more efficiencies as we continue to use the X-1.

Erin Powell, Ginger Juice Co. – Richmond, VA logo

Erin Powell, Ginger Juice Co. – Richmond, VA

We have been using the X-1 at our cold pressed juice company and could not be happier with it. It has been easy to use, easy to train people on and makes amazing, delicious juice. Goodnature has been available to answer any questions we have had along the way. From visiting other juice bars to recommending different equipment, they have been our go-to for all questions juice related! We can’t say enough about the friendly service of Goodnature or the solid juicer that is the foundation of our company.

Eli and Caitlin Cureton, Cpjs – Bozemon, MT logo

Eli and Caitlin Cureton, Cpjs – Bozemon, MT

We are absolutely thrilled with our cold-pressed machines from Goodnature! Their cold-pressers are easy to operate and provide great yields. The minimal maintenance required is perfect for our growing cold-pressed juice company. The sales team has been extremely helpful and professional, particularly Pete Whitehead who has followed up with us on our 2 most recent purchases. We are more than satisfied with our choice to cold-press with Goodnature!

Rosemary Devlin, O2living – New York logo

Rosemary Devlin, O2living – New York

Thank you SO much ! We are loving our amazing X-1, and the training was as high quality as the equipment. You’ll always be welcomed with open arms at Beetnix when visiting Savannah!

Shelly Lowther, Beetnix – Savannha, GA logo

Shelly Lowther, Beetnix – Savannha, GA

My Greens has been using Goodnature X-1 for the past 6 months. The juicer is of very high quality and is easy to operate and maintain. Being one of the first brands to use this machine in India, we were hesitant on the maintenance support available in India and turn-around time on technical queries. However, we have had a very good experience dealing with Brandon and Ben from Goodnature. They have always been very responsive to our queries and help us grow rapidly in the Indian market. We look forward to a long and fruitful relation with the team at Goodnature.

Anurag Mishra, Mygreens – India logo

Anurag Mishra, Mygreens – India

Goodnature customer service has been nothing but helpful and professional concerning our X-1 juicer and accessories. They are prompt and precise when assisting us with our juicer needs and Maintenance. Brandon Bonk at Goodnature has been especially helpful by providing the highest level of customer service. His knowledge and understanding of the X-1 Juicer has helped us tremendously at Owen + Alchemy and we look forward to see what new products and innovations Goodnature can offer in the future regarding juicing equipment.

Tyler Kanaval, Owen + Alchemy – Chicago logo

Tyler Kanaval, Owen + Alchemy – Chicago

Ari and Goodnature are the real deal when it comes to cold pressed juice equipment. We are excited to use Goodnature as our go to vendor for all our cold pressed juice equipment. The quality of the juices are better and the yields are higher. Ari really helped us figure out production schedule and best practices for running a franchise juice operation. We have sold over 10 franchise locations and we are excited about the future of Main Squeeze Juice Company and having great partner like Goodnature will help us scale much quicker. Our vision is “Love Yourself” and that’s exactly what our products help our customers achieve!

Carl Comeaux, m.s., Main Squeeze Juice Co. – Lake Charles, LA logo

Carl Comeaux, M.S., Main Squeeze Juice Co. – Lake Charles, LA

For us, purchasing the X-1 made all the difference to our business. We were able to produce a significant amount more than we were able to do before. We received it just in time for our busy Farmers Market season that would not have been possible to do without it. The X-1 is a BEAST! You can see that there was some serious consideration taken when this was designed. We shopped around and the other machines did not seem have the same integrity. The staff at Goodnature in Las Vegas, NV were just GREAT! They were able to give us a very helpful demo and can always answer any questions or concerns.

Marco Anaya, Juice Budz – California logo

Marco Anaya, Juice Budz – California

We are thrilled with the performance of our X-1! It’s a relatively easy 2-man job to make an array of juices for our busy health bar. Our customers love the incredibly pure crystalline & colorful juices that we make. At first a few of juice regulars were concerned that our juice was not “made to order.” However, after sampling the X-1 juice they are now believers. The main benefit for us has been time: we’ve been able to decrease our ticket times and increase our hourly sales. For our staff, we’ve been able to decrease the pressure of making juice to order along with our other complex offerings at Choice. And for our customers, we’ve been able to increase the quality and consistency of our product and there is no wait time, just Grab & Go! I’m thankful we made this investment.

Emily Kunz, Choice Health Bar – Maui, HI logo

Emily Kunz, Choice Health Bar – Maui, HI

We have been using the Goodnature X-1 for over a year now and love it. It has allowed us to grow our business and create exciting new products for our loyal customers. In the past few months we have moved into a new space specifically designed as a Micro Juicery to further expand the use of our X-1 and develop new products and services. The support and insight we have gained from Charlie and Myracle at Goodnature has been proven to be a tremendous help to our business.

Jason Phillips, Zoe Juice – Olympia, WA logo

Jason Phillips, Zoe Juice – Olympia, WA

Here below are my genuine thought about all your kind support and professionalism displayed during the whole process. This may be the right time of year to say a BIG THANK YOU 🙂 It is our goal to produce premium raw juice in China, and hopefully more and more Chinese will be aware of the greatness juice could bring. To achieve this goal, we know the right juicer plays a very important role. So we did a lot of research, and shortlisted 3 juicers that are able to accommodate this need. Goodnature X-1 was one of them. I contacted Myracle asking for specs of the machine, and a lot of other questions. Myracle responded almost immediately, answered all my questions and provided even more information that I should know. I was won over by her professionalism, and even let her choose the spare parts and supplies for me. And they all turned out to be very thoughtful picks. When we were trying to ship the juicer to China, we had some problem in delivery from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, China. And despite that she’s out of office, she helped me to direct this issue to related colleague, and kept a very close eye on the progress. Her close follow up definitely expedited the process, and we appreciated that very much. We have been using X-1 for 1 month now, and are very happy about it. It is very easy to operate, with great yield and the quality of juice is super. Thanks to X-1, we now have a lot of happy customers too 🙂

Kelly Wang, Simply Raw – Shenzen, China logo

Kelly Wang, Simply Raw – Shenzen, China

Myracle and the team at Goodnature have been nothing but stellar in the support that they have offered us at Revel Juice! We have been very happy with the quality and user friendliness of our Goodnature X-1 and the service that we have received so far. On rare occasions, no matter if it’s late evenings or on the weekend, Goodnature has always been available to guide us through any minor technical issues.

Behzad Manavi & Kia Afshari, Revel Juice – Vancouver, Canada logo

Behzad Manavi & Kia Afshari, Revel Juice – Vancouver, Canada

I am writing to thank you and Goodnature for all your help with our brand new CT7 cold press machine. We received it in perfect condition on Thursday and within 45 minutes we were juicing. The machine is easy to assemble. The design and engineering are outstanding — a great deal of thought has been given to making the set-up, operation and cleaning of the machine “fool proof”. Operating the machine is intuitive and we have been able to cross-train our entire staff on the machine in a matter of hours. The two step process of blending and pressing works smoothly. We are still learning how to make each of our recipes efficiently using the CT7, but we have already experienced about 20% higher juice yields than on our Norwalk cold press machine and full-cycle times from unprepared produce to bottled juices that are half as long on the CT7 versus the Norwalk. These improvements in yield and cycle time are revolutionary and fundamentally important to our business’s cost structure. We are very, very happy with our new machine and we are very pleased with how easy it was to do business with the Goodnature team. Thanks!

Rob Mcnish, Vitaminchick Organic Juice Bar – Soho, New York City logo

Rob Mcnish, Vitaminchick Organic Juice Bar – Soho, New York City

The X-1 is a guaranteed must have in the cold pressed juice industry, but what comes with purchasing such a brilliant machine is the team from Goodnature. We would like to thank everyone over at Goodnature for being so helpful at all times, whenever we had any questions or concerns. A special thank you to Kerrie for being our dedicated account manager and go to person whenever questions needed answering. In regards to the X-1 machine, this was a game changer for Organic Press. We were just amazed at how efficient, and productive the X-1 was. Our production time was almost cut in half, and our amount produced almost doubled. It’s just amazing how quickly and efficiently the X-1 operates. With the X-1, we were able to take Organic Press to a whole new level, revolutionizing the juicing industry in the Middle East and creating a brand to be recognized as the leading cold pressed juice company in Dubai. Thank you Goodnature, and look forward to our next purchase.

Daniel and Chris, Organic Press – Dubai logo

Daniel and Chris, Organic Press – Dubai

As a professional vegan chef and restaurant consultant for the last 25 years, I have come to rely on Goodnature’s industry-leading products. Goodnature not only revolutionized the way we look at cold-pressed juicing on a mass-produced level: they practically created the segment itself! I have over 15 years of direct experience with their machines and service from the Hippocrates Health Institute to Organic Avenue, where I was the Executive Chef for two years. Goodnature’s machines are of the highest quality and their level of service and professionalism has been unparalleled. Just recently I was able to extend my experience with Goodnature internationally, as clients of mine from Hamburg and Guatemala recently purchased X-1’s! I look forward to what the engineers at Goodnature will be bringing us in the future and stand ready to grow with them!

Peter Cervoni, Peter Cervoni – New York logo

Peter Cervoni, Peter Cervoni – New York

We are loving our work with the Goodnature team, the company that distributes our X-1 juicer which created our beautiful cold press juices. 4 months into the process, and we are thrilled with the customer service, the knowledge and the all around great help that you guys give! Thank you!

Michelle Walrath, Organic Krush – Woodbury, NY logo

Michelle Walrath, Organic Krush – Woodbury, NY

Absolutely the best juicer out there, matched by even better customer service! We are so glad we chose Goodnature, great product, and definitely one of the best customer service departments we’ve ever dealt with!

Hannah George, Vermont Juice Company – Vermont logo

Hannah George, Vermont Juice Company – Vermont

SuperEleven.com is a company founded on super foods. Our flagship product for example, ‘Super Eleven Shake’, combines 11 of the worlds favorite super foods into one delicious shake. From quite early on, we knew that we wanted to progress into cold-pressed juices – it seemed like a natural progression. After extensive research, it seemed like we only had one option, the X-1. Although we are based in the UK, we in fact flew out to the US in order to see the X-1 in action. And it didn’t disappoint! It’s extremely easy to use, and the quality of juice produced is second to none. What’s more, Myracle, Kerrie and the Goodnature team couldn’t have been more helpful. We couldn’t be happier with our X-1 and sales have climbed ever since!

James Green, supereleven.com – London, UK logo

James Green, supereleven.com – London, UK

The Goodnature Countertop juicer showed up ready to use out of the box. We were bottling cold pressed juice in 10 mins. Unbelievably simple to operate and cut cost on labor too and lowered our overall food cost per bottle. Couldn’t be happier!

Stephen Williams, Bouquet Restaurant and Wine Bar –Covington, KY logo

Stephen Williams, Bouquet Restaurant and Wine Bar – Covington, KY

After extensive research, White Birch Juice Co decided to make the move and get an X-1 Cold Press to both increase our capacity and quality of juice. From the start, we were hesitant (like most) but Myracle worked with us on all of our issues and we ended up with the best investment we have made as a company. The machine is extremely well built and their service department is with you every step of the way. The quality of juice we are now able to provide is incredible and unmatched. From our cold pressed nut milks to fruit and vegetable juices, our expectations of the X-1 juicer have been more than exceeded!

Kyle King, White Birch Juice Co. – Abingdon, VA logo

Kyle King, White Birch Juice Co. – Abingdon, VA

Goodnature has not only provided us with a high quality juice press but a customer service team that has exceeded any expectation. We extend to Goodnature a deep hearted THANK YOU. You have made our introduction to this gratifying business extremely positive! We look forward to the many years of business together.

Patrica Kaytia, Fruits & Roots – Las Vegas logo

Patrica Kaytia, Fruits & Roots – Las Vegas

The Goodnature X-1 juicer has helped Samantha take Kuka Juice to a whole new level and we are super excited about this summer. Since May of last year we have opened a small store and are selling juice 6 days a week!

Joel Shaw, Kuka Juice – S Carolina logo

Joel Shaw, Kuka Juice – SC

Not only does the X-1 Juicer produce absolutely delicious juices, but we are over the moon with the outstanding, reliable and speedy service Goodnature offers. One couldn’t wish for more!

Julia Meschede, Dean and David Superfood – Munich, Germany logo

Julia Meschede, Dean and David Superfood – Munich, Germany

HRVST ST started out as a small business supplying three cafes in Brisbane, Australia, with cold press juice. We were using a small household machine but couldn’t keep up with the work load so we researched to find the BEST machine possible. We then purchased the Goodnature X-1 through our now good friend Myracle, within 5 days it had arrived to us in Australia. We were super impressed with how helpful and efficient Goodnature was and the continual support they are still providing to us. Within three months we were supplying our HRVST ST cold press juice to over Thirty Brisbane Cafes. The machine has saved us so much valuable time and manual labor while helping us provide a premium quality cold press juice to our customers. Now considering another Goodnature X-1 as we continue to grow. Thank you to our good friends at Goodnature for helping us turn our love and passion for cold press juice into a successful booming business. Love from the team at HRVST ST

Alison Harris, Hrvst St – Brisbane, Australia logo

Alison Harris, HRVST ST – Brisbane, Australia

The X-1 has been a game changer for our small juice business. The quality and efficiency of the machine is so much better than our previous juicing process. And whenever we have questions or concerns, the staff has been knowledgeable, professional, and timely in getting back to us with answers. We would highly recommend Goodnature and the X-1. Go cold-pressed juice! and thank you Goodnature!

Anne Marie, My Liquid Garden – Utah logo

Anne Marie, My Liquid Garden – Utah

Getting the X-1 was the best decision we made. Not only is it simple to operate, what’s more important is that it cuts down production time and creates great yield making our juice fresher and more nutritious. We believe that quality cold-pressed juice is a combination of organic ingredients and how you make it. X-1 is the only way cold-pressed juice should be made. Cheers and juice on.

Moya Yen, Goodies Cleanse – Taiwan logo

Moya Yen, Goodies Cleanse – Taiwan

After receiving my X-1, and juicing on it, I started to reach out to Myracle to tell her how much I love this machine. Before I had the chance, she had already reached out to check in with me. Needless to say I am very happy with my X-1! This is a very very good machine/equipment, it works very well. Our line of juice is called French Detox and we were recently featured in the French edition of Marie Claire. I believe our success is due to the great juice we produce on the X-1!

Benoit Jardin, French Detox – Paris, France logo

Benoit Jardin, French Detox – Paris, France

We are very happy with the service of Goodnature and the juice quality of the X-1, and so are our customers.

Lukas Bossert, Daluma – Berlin logo

Lukas Bossert, Daluma – Berlin

We started our business with the X-1 after doing much research, and still find it to be extremely reliable and hardworking. We run the machine 24/7 and we are still getting the same yield as when we started almost 10 months ago. The team at Goodnature is very responsive and provide stellar customer support far beyond the initial sale.

Amanda Hehr, Cru Juice – Alberta, Canada logo

Amanda Hehr, Cru Juice – Alberta, Canada

We started the whole company on one machine, that in itself should say it all! After trial and error I know that Goodnature is the absolute best in the game.

Amanda Chantal Bacon, Moon Juice – California logo

Amanda Chantal Bacon, Moon Juice – California

We have received our 2nd X-1 today. Thank you for all the support and we hope this will not be the last X-1 order. Once again, we are glad we found you guys as opposed to other solutions. Juice on!

Anabelle Co, La Juiceria – Malaysia

We are so happy with our new Goodnature X-1 juicer! We started a juice company in Amsterdam a few months ago and once we saw we were growing we finally ordered this beauty! We are extremely pleased with how easy and fast it works. In no time we have got all our juices done and ready to be sold! You can clean it relatively easy since you can hose the entire thing down. We are also satisfied with the communication and service of Goodnature. Our order was shipped quickly and everything arrived well. When we have questions we can always call or email and they always reply within a few hours. Overall a great experience!

Joël & Rosalynn, Sapje – Amsterdam logo

Joël & Rosalynn, Sapje – Amsterdam

In Ananda, we started blending on a Vitamix, then juicing with a GreenStar and for a long time pressing with a Norwalk. Our aspiration was always the X-1 and it has proved to be everything we needed. Using the X-1 has completely changed our business scheme, as it allowed us to triple our daily production. It is the most simple and efficient machine we could have imagined! The greatest part was being able to just plug in and start juicing! The X-1 is impeccably built, simple to use, the yield is impressive, and the team at Goodnature is always available to answer our endless questions. Plus, it looks stunning a tour production center. We are thrilled about our purchase and enjoy X-1 made juices every day.

Andreina Pinedo and Anabel Alonso, Ananda – Venezuela logo

Andreina Pinedo and Anabel Alonso, Ananda – Venezuela

Our X-1 juicer is amazing, we make juice 7 days a week while juicing all kinds of varieties of fruits and vegetables, and it gives great yields. Very easy to use and clean. Whenever we had any issues with the X-1, the team from Goodnature was very responsive and always helped us fix it within a few hours.

Yasmin Angileri, Soho House logo

Yasmin Angileri, Soho House

I’d love to send out a huge thank you for the outstanding service that Team Goodnature continuously provides. Most notably, I’ve dealt with Ben & Branden in both regular, and after or before business hours. They’ve always bent over backwards, quickly, and in a very professional manner to assist us at Raw Juce whenever we have challenges with our X-1 machine. They’re a pleasure to work with, especially when you consider the circumstances in which we’re normally calling…Think, juice bar with no juice machine — definitely a stressful occasion, that they have helped us get through time and time again.

Teddy Kaufman, Raw Juce – Florida logo

Teddy Kaufman, Raw Juce – Florida

Our X-1 is fantastic. It’s fast, user-friendly and super dependable; I never worry that I won’t be able to fulfill the day’s orders. We also appreciate Goodnature’s blog and customer support; you can tell it’s a company that really believes in their product and wants to create a great experience for every customer.

Katie Raquel, Katie’s Coldpress – California logo

Katie Raquel, Katie’s Coldpress – California

Being all the way in New Zealand we were initially hesitant to buy a machine from the other side of the world. But the X-1 arrived quickly and service has been fantastic. It’s now making beautiful juice for our happy customers.

Dan, Freshpress – New Zealand logo

Dan, Freshpress – New Zealand

A huge thank you to everyone at the Goodnature team for the amazing X-1 and more importantly their exceptional service. We have been using our X-1 for almost a year now without any problems. We were truly impressed when we needed technical advice and a new part while moving our facility. The team answered all of our questions and shipped the spare part within a day! Their dedication to even international brands like us make us feel like a partner rather than just a customer.

Sedef Baykal, Juico – Istanbul, Turkey logo

Sedef Baykal, Juico – Istanbul, Turkey

To Charlie and the whole team over at Goodnature, BRAVO. You guys made this purchase so easy and seamless! When I told Charlie I need an X-1 in China and I need it here in 3 week… they made it happen. Once it arrived we plugged her in she was ready to go and has made our lives so much easier. Our staff is so happy that they can easily can make 16 bottles with each press!

Uriel Copelev, Farmhouse Juice – Shanghai, China logo

Uriel Copelev, Farmhouse Juice – Shanghai, China

I wanted to thank you for your fast response when we needed press bags for the X-1. Everyone at Goodnature could not have been more helpful checking inventory at 6:45 am and turned what could have been a processing setback into another productive day. You have always answered every question we have brought to you and you really make us feel like appreciated customers. There are few equipment companies out there that would give this level of customer service.

Dana Sicko, Gundalow – Baltimore, Maryland logo

Dana Sicko, Gundalow – Baltimore, Maryland

We started making our juices 2 weeks ago. We are in the testing stage before we start deliveries and open the juice bar. Our future clients are totally jazzed by the concept and of course tasty juices. Thank you for your amazing service and for bringing Goodnature equipment to the market. We love our X-1, and the support at Goodnature is exceptional.

Alicja Jimenez, J’pour – Luxemburg

Our transition from Norwalk to the X-1 went so smooth. The customer service at Goodnature was fantastic, a very responsive team. Any questions were answered quickly. Our machine was shipped immediately and arrived only a few day’s later. The training with our team went so smooth and after the first day of using the X-1, our team felt comfortable and confident. Our yields are great and efficiency is so much better now. Acquiring the X-1 has been a game changer.

Summer Dotinga, Sexy Juice – BC, Canada logo

Summer Dotinga, Sexy Juice – BC, Canada

The X-1 is a well designed, simple but elegant cold press machine that is easy to operate and powerful enough to squeeze out a ton of juice in a short amount of time. Set up, tear down and clean up are a breeze after you get the hang of everything as well. Those are important aspects to us as well as the quality of juice making. Thank you Goodnature!

Nathan Watermeier, Prairie Cold Press – Overland Park,kansas logo

Nathan Watermeier, Prairie Cold Press – Overland Park, Kansas

AWESOME, AMAZING and not a hint of disappointment. We LOVE the Goodnature X-1 at Living 360 Organics! We are still newbies in the juicing world, but we have tried every type of juicing machine available. We started with a centrifugal force, moved on to a Norwalk and even a Pressed Right. None of these machines can compare to the Goodnature X-1. It was all we wanted and more! Not only is the machine incredible, but the customer service at Goodnature is off the charts! The vibe and excitement is always there. We even had the chance to talk with Charlie, the Chief Executive Officer, when we were looking at purchasing the X-1. How often does that happen in corporate America? Our customers love our juice. We sell out everyday. We thank Goodnature for that! We look forward to buying a second machine in future!

Kelly and Stephanie Brown, Living 360 Organics – Texas logo

Kelly and Stephanie Brown, Living 360 Organics – Texas

The X-1 has been great and the customer service has been very good. The machine works very well and is fairly easy to use. I will recommend this machine to everyone I meet. Thank you so much!

Antonia De Luca, Leafy Greens – South Africa logo

Antonia De Luca, Leafy Greens – South Africa

The X-1 is a life saver! What a great machine, we are very pleased with the equipment. The juice and deliveries are going great. You guys are the best for making that machine! Happy new year!

Bret Caretsky, Montauk Juice Factory – Montauk, NY logo

Bret Caretsky, Montauk Juice Factory – Montauk, NY

Goodnature has been in the business of making commercial juicers longer than anyone else in the industry and their X-1 is a testament to that. I was able to deal directly with Charlie, the owner of Goodnature, who was very helpful without being too much of a salesman…it became very clear through my search that this product was superior to any other on the market and would allow my new juice bar to grow beyond our current production. The juicer itself (we call it Buffy the vegetable slayer) is a beautiful piece of machinery and it is really quite impressive to witness it in action. Our customers enjoy coming early enough in the morning to catch a glimpse of this stainless steel beast swallow whole pineapples and extract the most nutrient dense delicious juice possible. As I look into the near future with plans to expand our production on the horizon, I feel very pleased with my choice to invest in this equipment early on that made our beginnings easy and that will continue to support our growth.

Gia Baiocchi, the Nectary – Sebastopol, California logo

Gia Baiocchi, The Nectary – Sebastopol, California

Aloha! The Goodnature X-1 was the best purchase we could have made for our small juicery. We used to spend countless hours on the Norwalk Juicer trying to meet our demand. Now that we have the efficiency of the X-1 we can spend our time focusing on other aspects of our business. We would like to thank Goodnature and their staff for their excellent service. Mahalo nui loa!

Kevin Ko, Instapressed – Honolulu, Hawaii logo

Kevin Ko, Instapressed – Honolulu, Hawaii

We have loved working with Goodnature and love our X-1! Even from across the pond, their customer service has been amazing!

Lily and Meryl, Imbibery – London, UK logo

Lily and Meryl, Imbibery – London, Uk

We are very happy with our X-1! It has allowed us to meet the increasing demand for organic cold pressed juice and because of the high volume production, we are now able to utilize our time more efficiently which has resulted in continued growth. We have also noticed a far greater yield and overall higher quality juice compared to masticating and other press juicers we’ve used in the past. The X-1 was a big purchase for our small business but it was absolutely worth it as it has quickly taken us to the next level and set us apart from our local competitors. The customer service at Goodnature has been excellent and I would absolutely recommend the X-1 to anyone serious about growing their juice business.

Zack Bier, Roaming in the Raw – Ashville, NC logo

Zack Bier, Roaming in the Raw – Ashville, NC

We worked with the team at Goodnature to purchase components for our X-1 press. They are all incredibly responsive and professional and had us up and running super fast so that we never had to miss a single delivery to our customers. Reliability and responsiveness are at the top of my list in choosing vendors – and Goodnature delivered on both in spades. Looking forward to working with them as we grow!

Ashwin Cheriyan, Thistle – San Francisco logo

Ashwin Cheriyan, Thistle – San Francisco

Since first meeting the Goodnature staff in October, when we came in for a demo of the X-1, we have been very pleased. Everyone was so nice, and treated us so well not to mention the juice we made during that demo was fantastic. That is the day I truly fell in love with the X-1. We greatly appreciate all the help thus far, with you all providing recipes both on your site and personal ones you’ve tried, and the plethora of knowledge you all have when it comes to calculating pounds of produce. We look forward to our interaction going forward and are very excited and honored to be working with all of you at Goodnature – it’s been a pleasure already.

Michelle K. Parker and Dr. Lisa Marie Pate, Nourish Cold Pressed Organic – Louisiana logo

Michelle K. Parker and Dr. Lisa Marie Pate, Nourish Cold Pressed Organic – Louisiana

The Goodnature X-1 is unquestionably the best cold press machine on the market. No other machine comes even close. We have been amazed at its efficiency, as well as simplicity. The product it produces is the best, most nutrient dense juice you can get, and there is zero trace of pulp. We are planning on expanding and know we will be able to open at least 2 more locations using our single X-1. In addition, the entire Goodnature staff, from sales to customer service, go above and beyond to provide all the information and help you would ever need. How refreshing to have a relationship with a vendor that you feel is just as vested in you as you are in them and their product. We look forward to a long and prosperous future with our X-1 juicer, and we know the Goodnature staff will be there every step of the way!

Jessie Kelley, the Garden Table – Indianapolis logo

Jessie Kelley, The Garden Table – Indianapolis

We tested the machine last week for the first time and it was just amazing!! This is definitely an incredible upgrade for us and I think many people here will be very positively surprised! So proud to be the owner of the first X-1 in Peru!!

Veronica Tabja, Viva Juice – Peru logo

Veronica Tabja, Viva Juice – Peru

The Goodnature X-1 is the only choice in cold pressing large amounts of juice. When we decided to move forward with our X-1 purchase, the Goodnature team was always available and helpful in answering all of our questions. We never had any mechanical or technical issues with our machine and the mass amounts of juice it is able to produce has immensely saved our labor costs. We also get to press all of the produce to their max with greater yields of juice! The X-1 was a great investment and we will be calling Goodnature to order our next machine as we continue to grow.

Anna Duff, Oh! Juice – California logo

Anna Duff, Oh! Juice – California

Thank you so much for your very prompt and efficient service in attending to this order. The speed in which you have addressed our needs and shipped it out, has been nothing short of fantastic! Not just “good customer service”….but an “extraordinary customer experience” and I wish there more Companies like you…..so well done! Cheers and warm regards.

Tony Denoon, Flannery’s Refuel Depot – Australia logo

Tony Denoon, Flannery’s Refuel Depot – Australia

Goodnature has been an incredible partner – with their equipment and support we are able to yield incredible amounts of juice and always have someone to call when we have a question.

Ryne Odonnel, Shakti Juice – California logo

Ryne Odonnel, Shakti Juice – California

We have three Independent organic grocery stores on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. After the success of our traditional juice bars we decided to move in the direction of cold pressed juice because we believe it is a better product to serve our customers. Not only does it extend the shelf life of our juice but it makes it more accessible to our customers that cannot come into the juice bar every day. We have been using the X-1 for nine weeks now and have seen a 50% increase in our juice sales. As an independent building your brand is crucial. Offering such a superior product with our brand on it has a lot of advantages.

Rory Earnes, Organic Market – Cape Cod logo

Rory Earnes, Organic Market – Cape Cod

Thanks for everything again. I have had such wonderful experiences every time I have needed to contact Goodnature. The staff is always extremely helpful and has handled my issues faster than I would have thought possible. one of my wheels broke on my machine I contacted Kerrie after hours and she was able to have someone out the very next morning. The owner even came into my store a month after we opened to introduce himself personally, a rarity these days. They have exceeded my expectations with every interaction.

Sabrina Defilippo, Function Juicery – Las Vegas logo

Sabrina Defilippo, Function Juicery – Las Vegas

I would highly recommend Goodnature. They are an American company that hire Americans, and if you ever have an issue it is resolved quickly. I plan on purchasing more units as our business grows. If you would like to speak with me personally I would be happy to talk about the X-1.

Michael, Nashville Roots Juicery – Nashville logo

Michael, Nashville Roots Juicery – Nashville

Last Friday I started using the X-1. To tell you the truth, I was nervous at the beginning and had very high expectations. At the end, the results were extraordinary: output improved by 30% vs Nutrifaster and, I guess, I will pay for my investment in less than 4 months. I am very glad that I bought the X-1.

Rafael Carles, Life Blends – Panama logo

Rafael Carles, Life Blends – Panama