two glasses of watermelon juice surrounded by recipe ingredients

Robin Frey

Refreshing Watermelon Lime Juice Recipe

Looking for the perfect summer drink? Look no further! In this watermelon juice recipe we infuse mint and lime to balance out the sweetness of the watermelon, making it a crushable favorite.


Pressing Technique: Watermelon is a mushy fruit, so take care not to overfill the press to avoid overflow.

It is easy to make with your home juicer or add it to your juice bar menu. While it’s amazing as a hydrating juice, it is also very versatile and can be used a number of creative ways, even as a cold-pressed cocktail base. Just add vodka, or for a mojito add rum, and for a margarita, add tequila.


How to Pick a Ripe Watermelon

Watermelon is the perfect year-round sweet and juicy treat, but how do you pick the best one? Check out our tips here: How to Pick a Ripe Watermelon


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