Thanksgiving Day Cold-Press Recipes

Thanksgiving Day Cold-Press Drink Recipes (Non-Alcoholic)

  • by Robin Frey

Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes with a Healthy Twist

If you love spinning old time holiday favorites into healthy cold-pressed deliciousness for your friends and family, you will want to try our chef created recipes!

Our 7 Thanksgiving Day Cold-Press Recipes

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*Not a drink, but it’s so tasty and relevant that we just had to include it.

1. Homemade Pumpkin Pie Almond Milk

one glass of homemade pumpkin pie milk on a wooden slab surrounded by ingredients

Thanksgiving dessert in a glass! This pumpkin almond milk recipe is easy to make and delicious to drink, also makes a great coffee creamer! Make it  plain or  spiced with a simple tweak.

2. Sweet Potato Pie Juice

two glasses of sweet potato juice with ingredients on a cutting board

Stash your pie tin away, break out your juicer, and prepare for one of the tastiest juices you’ve ever tried. This chef-created sweet potato juice includes cinnamon, carrot, apple, and more. It tastes like Thanksgiving dessert, only healthier!

3. Apple Pie Almond Milk

2 glasses of apple pie almond milk on a table next to homemade apple pie

Ready for an apple pie recipe that is unlike any other? Our in-house chef set out to create a juice or milk that tastes just like apple pie filling. Boy, oh boy, did he do an incredible job. This apple pie milk is a cold-pressed creamy treat with simple ingredients and no added sweeteners.

4. Pumpkin Pie Juice

harry potter pumpkin juice with a gryffindor mug

Want to be your household’s hero this Thanksgiving? Make your kids our healthy version of pumpkin juice from Harry Potter. Smooth pumpkin, sweet apple, and a few dashes of spice — your little wizards will love this drink!

5. Maple Pecan Pie Milk

a glass of maple pecan pie milk on a thanksgiving table

This pecan milk recipe is meant to mirror the taste of homemade pecan pie. Rich and buttery pecans combine with maple syrup, molasses and vanilla to create a healthy, dessert-like treat in a glass. Looking for a creamy and dairy-free treat? This pecan pie milk ticks both of those boxes!

6. Fall Harvest Juice

two glasses of cold pressed juice on a white table

Feature fall’s bounty on your Thanksgiving table with this amazing harvest juice recipe. The earthiness of the root vegetables is balanced with warming fall spices and sweet red apple, pairing well with hearty soups and cozy autumn evenings.

7. Bonus: Sweet & Fruity Fall Salad Dressing

pouring fall dressing on a salad on a wooden serving platter

Finish your Thanksgiving salad with this delicious apple-and-orange based dressing recipe. Infused with lemon, ginger, honey, and vinegar, this sweet and fruity dressing tastes amazing and begs to become a new holiday tradition!

We hope you enjoy our Thanksgiving Day recipes!

We are so grateful for our Goodnature family and friends and wish you all a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Thanks for sending these recipes! Perfect timing, we plan on starting our vegan journey on 11/27. And, I’ve been searching for a sweet potato juice recipe for the fall. Again thank you!


    1. You’re very welcome Nancy! Let us know how you like them and enjoy your vegan journey 🙂


  2. morning good receipes thank you very much