Cold-Press Juice Cleanse Recipes

7 Juice Cleanse Recipes for a Healthy & Tasty 2021

  • by Robin Frey

The Best Juice Cleanse Recipes for 2021

Time to take down the holiday decorations and start making way for the New Year 2021, (bye, 2020!). Whether you’re doing a three-day DIY cleanse, a one-day detox, or a week-long (or more) fast, you will want to check out our 7 chef-made juice cleanse recipes.

Our 7 Cold Press Juice Cleanse Recipes

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1. Morning Kickstart Juice

juice cleanse starter recipe

Start your day the right way with this energizing recipe of apple, lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper. This recipe focuses on the big three detoxifying ingredients, apples, lemon, and ginger. A great first juice of the day, this one will get the detox process going and the added heat from the cayenne jump starts the metabolism.

2. Carrot Juice with Apple and Ginger

two glasses of carrot juice with ingredients for juice cleanse

This is one lip-smacking combo of carrot, lemon, apple, and ginger. Not only is this carrot juice recipe easy to make, it has loads of health benefits. Full of vitamins and antioxidants, this juice boosts the body’s immune system, helps to lower cholesterol, supports digestive health, reduces inflammation, aids weight loss and is a great detoxifier.

3. Healthy Green Juice

two glasses of green juice surrounded by ingredients for juice cleanse

Green veggies are packed with nutrients that assist the body with all functions and ailments, and drinking them rather than eating them allows your body to process them a lot easier.

4. Classic Beet Juice

2 glasses of beet juice on a white surface for juice cleanse

Beet juice boasts many amazing benefits including boosting stamina, improving blood flow, and increasing energy, making this a must have in a juice fast!

5. Golden Sweet Green Juice

two glasses of cold pressed green juice cleanse recipes made with mint, pineapple, green apple and cucumber on a wooden cutting board

Created by Chef Ari Sexner, this is one of those green juice recipes that you hold onto when you find it. Green juice is sometimes hard to take, but this one tastes amazing, and it’s great for you!

6. Homemade V8 Juice

juice cleanse recipe for homemade v8

High in vitamin A and vitamin C, this homemade V8 juice is a great addition to any juice fast plan. If you even remotely like the taste of the store bought beverage, you will absolutely fall in love with this recipe! So much fresher and vibrant tasting.

7. Classic Almond Milk

two glasses of cold pressed almond milk surrounded by dates, vanilla and almonds on a wood cutting board.

This is a tried and true classic. Homemade, cold-pressed almond milk, always great, always refreshing, and best as the last “juice” of the day when you’re on a cleanse! Like dessert, but without cheating haha!

Equipment note: We used the M-1 commercial juice press to make these recipes, but you can use pretty much any type of juicer. Just keep in mind that the quality will always be higher when using a juice press.

Learn more about the industry-leading commercial juicers we use to make our recipes.

If you are planning on consuming only these 7 recipes each day without any other food or drink, we recommend increasing the serving sizes so you have enough to drink when you feel hungry. Fasting and cleansing is safe and can be beneficial for most people, although some people should perform under supervision and some not at all. You should consult a health professional if you are unsure if you should do a juice fast.


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    Great information! In case you really feel the urge to eat something, is there anything specific as a best choice? Maybe soup?


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      Thanks, glad you found it helpful. I would say soup is a good choice, provided that it is a clean, plant based soup. Did you know that soup cleanses are actually a thing?!


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