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Robin Frey

Classic Beet Juice Recipe


Why Do Athletes Drink Beet Juice?

Beetroot juice is prized by athletes (some Olympians even) for its reputation of improving blood and oxygen flow. Some runners even claim it helps them cut minutes off their run time. I’m no runner or  athlete by any stretch of the imagination, but when these individuals (whose main focus in life is to keep their bodies in the ultimate state of health and performance) swear by it, I listen up.

So how does it work?

The juice from beets contain high levels of nitrates (not the bad kind found in deli meats) that your body converts into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps the muscles take in more oxygen, which increases your stamina. It can help you workout longer without feeling tired. So, what if you’re not an athlete or someone who works out a lot?

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Is Beet Juice Beneficial for the Non-Athlete?

Not only does beet juice increase endurance for those who engage in strenuous exercise, there are many other benefits that come with drinking that vibrant red juice!

  • Regulates blood pressure: Increasing your nitric oxide will allow more oxygen to flow to your heart, muscles and brain, resulting in lowered high blood pressure.
  • Aids in digestion: Rich in betaine, beetroot juice can increase stomach acid to improve digestion. So the next time you have an upset stomach, reach for a glass of beet juice instead of that ginger ale soda!
  • Packed with betalains: Betalains are a type of phytonutrient (chemical produced by plants) that have powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and detoxifying properties.
  • Regulates blood sugar: But how can that be? Beets are high in sugar! This is where the saying “not all sugar is created equal” is explained. Natural sugar found in fruits and vegetables release very slowly into the body (unlike processed sugar) and actually can help regulate the sugar in your body.

I don’t know about you, but those are enough reasons for me to keep drinking that sweet beet juice!

Note that this recipe is a part of our 3-Day DIY Juice Cleanse.


Note: If you like beets but want some more sweetness, check out our Healthy Cherry Limeade with Beet and Apple Juice.

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Hi, How many mls would you recommend a day? Thanks

Jun 4, 2024
Frankie Gilbert

Do you have a recipe if you suffer with arthritis. Thank you

Mar 4, 2024

Is it ok to drink this everyday?

Feb 22, 2024
Charlie Wettlaufer
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Feb 23, 2024
Glynn Harris
Jun 4, 2023
Godfrey Allison

I love using my juicer

Dec 28, 2022
Godfrey Allison
Dec 28, 2022
Betty Varela

This is not a comment, but I have a cuestión: do I really need a juicer to prepare the juice? I’m a retired woman and all my life been using the blender! Please let me know if I’m wrong! Thanks !

Aug 29, 2022
Robin Frey
Goodnature logo badge

Hi Betty! Yes, our juice recipes are formulated to be made with a juice press or juice extractor, so if you are trying to blend, it will be too thick. I would recommend getting a juicer for the juice recipes. If you want blender recipes, check out our smoothie recipes here:

Aug 29, 2022
Betty coley

I haven't tried it yet but I am going to because my blood pressure is high

Apr 13, 2022
Sandra Monteiro
Feb 6, 2022

Do you get the same benefit if you buy the beet juice?

Nov 29, 2021
Robin Frey
Goodnature logo badge

Hi Victoria, That would really depend on how the juice was made. If you are buying raw juice made on a press from your local juice bar, then yes! If you are buying juice from the market or grocery store, then it is not actually raw and is probably not as can learn more about that here:

Nov 30, 2021
Eileen Leahy

Hi . I enjoyed to read your article. I would like to make a suggestion. In the arrival you might like to let the reader know that when you speak of Beet juice it is not 100% beet , it’s mainly beet but it also contains other ingredients. I feel this is important to mention as, please correct me if I am wrong , but pure beet juice can cause a temporary lose of voice . Thanks fir a great arrival .

Oct 26, 2021
Robin Frey
Goodnature logo badge

Hi Elieen, Glad you enjoyed the recipe article! 😄 All of our recipes are chef created and typically highlight one or two main ingredients, but always have more than one ingredient, both for flavor reasons and for pH balance of the juice. I have not found any credible source for the loss of voice claim, in fact many studies and clinical trials have been performed and found that patients have no serious side effects or adverse interactions when consuming beet juice (and this is straight beet juice they are referring to). Here are some of the studies and sources I reviewed if you are interested in researching further:

Oct 27, 2021

Very useful healthy notes on food and drinks

Oct 22, 2021
Jul 25, 2021
Jenny Zhong

Dear Customer Service; How many days can this juice be kept ?

Jan 29, 2021
Robin Frey
Goodnature logo badge

Hi Jenny, When made on our juicers, this juice will last a solid 5 days. Keep in mind there are many factors that can affect shelf life, you can read about them here:

Jan 29, 2021

How can I juice beets with out a juicer ?

Jan 24, 2021
Robin Frey
Goodnature logo badge

Hi Ardel, I'm not sure that you can, I never tried... If I were to try, I would blend the beets in a high powered blender and manually squeeze the pomace in a nut milk bag. I am not sure that would work, though, as beets are very hard.

Jan 25, 2021

Another classic. Love it.

Oct 22, 2020
Todd Conway

I love using my juicer to make beetroot juice!

Jun 3, 2020