Cold-Pressed vs Centrifugal Juice – A Visual Comparison

Lots of people debate whether or not there really are differences between juice made using a press and juice made in a centrifugal juicer. Last year, we had the two types of juice analyzed by a certified food lab and published the results. The results showed that the nutrients in centrifugal juice break down much faster…

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Goodnature Now Offers Nutritional Analysis and Labeling for Cold-Pressed Juice

A constant struggle for small juice businesses is having their recipes analyzed so they can properly label their juice with nutritional content. The FDA and other government entities require that all packaged foods contain nutritional labeling. Goodnature now offers full nutritional analysis and label creation as a service. With our easy to use web form,…

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4 Steps to Creating a Juice Bar in a Grocery Store

4 Steps to Creating a Juice Bar in a Grocery Store The “Fresh Format” grocery store is becoming the standard. Having food and beverage options made in-store attracts new customers and helps retain your current customers. In-store freshly-squeezed juice, infused water, and smoothies were up 22% over 2015 and 105% over the past three years. Source:…

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How to Make Cold-Pressed Orange Juice or Pomegranate Juice

Follow these 6 steps to make cold-pressed orange juice or pomegranate juice using the Goodnature X-1: Wash fruit in cold water with your produce wash of choice, let air dry. Cut each piece of fruit in half. Do not grind. Prepare your press by opening it just enough that 1-2 pieces of fruit will fit…

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Goodnature 40-Year Anniversary Video

My father started Goodnature in 1976 building cider presses in his barn. He never thought it would grow into the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial cold-press juice equipment. The three children: Eric, Paige, and myself are so proud to be a part of this business, and watching this video makes me realize how proud my…

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Understanding shelf life of cold pressed juice

Understanding Shelf Life of Cold-Pressed Juice

When speaking to clients, we get a lot of questions about shelf life. We try not to give a definite answer because the truth is it depends on a lot of factors and it’s very complicated.  In this post I will attempt to explain the basics of what affects shelf life in raw cold-pressed juice. [Disclaimer:…

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Cold-Pressed Juice Bar Kitchen Layout and Equipment List

How to Design a Commercial Juicing Kitchen: One of the most common questions we get from people starting a juice business is how to set up a kitchen for cold-pressed juice. We decided to put together an infographic that shows a simple kitchen setup, equipment list, and flow diagram for a cold-pressed juice kitchen: Kitchen Flow…

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Jamba Juice Opens Cold-Press Focused Juice Innovation Bar

This is a Jamba Juice?? The new Juice Innovation Bar in Pasadena is of the Jamba Juice brand, but nothing about it feels like a classic Jamba Juice. The space is wide open with high ceilings, and has a huge wrap-around bar where you can sit while you enjoy your juice flights, cold-pressed smoothies, quinoa…

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New Countertop CT7 Cold-Press Juicer Videos

Our customers have been demanding videos for our new Goodnature CT7 commercial cold press juicer for a while now, and we finally have them! We put together four videos that we feel will be educational about not only the product, but about commercial juicing in general. You can find the four professional juicing videos we put together…

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Cold-Pressed VS Centrifugal Juice – Part 2: Nutrient Shelf Life

Experiment planned and executed by Ari Sexner, juice business consultant. Introduction In the first part of this series, Cold-Pressed VS Centrifugal – Part 1: Real Nutritional Data, we tested the nutrient content of juice made on both a centrifuge and a cold-press and found that the cold-pressed juice contained about 15% higher nutrient content. For Part…

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