Recipes Tagged: Winter

Holiday Pomegranate Pear Juice

A seasonal blend, this festive juice pairs ripe pomegranates with pear, grape, and orange, while fusing basil and fennel for another layer of flavor.

Fall Harvest Juice

The earthiness of the root vegetables is balanced with warming fall spices and sweet red apple, pairing well with hearty soups & cozy autumn evenings.

Tropical Green Cauliflower Smoothie

Low in sugar, this green smoothie is sweet and herbal, made with tropical fruit and infused with fresh basil.

Vitamin C Cold Buster Juice

This snappy cider packs a ton of vitamin C and will boost your immunity and help put an end to colds.

Jamu Juice (Indonesian Turmeric Tonic)

Jamu Juice is a potent medicinal tonic that originated in Bali and is known for its anti-inflammatory and viral infection fighting properties.

Red Cabbage Grape Juice

Vibrant, earthy, and well-balanced, this red cabbage juice includes grape, orange, lime and ginger for a unique and delicious flavor profile.

Immune Boosting Elderberry Juice

Make this tasty elderberry juice with orange, pear, and turmeric to help prevent and ease cold and flu symptoms this season.

Winter Beet Balsamic Dressing

When the weather outside is frightful, it's time to break out this delicious balsamic-based dressing with fresh pressed beet, orange and fennel.

Cranberry Elderflower Cocktail

Put a little sparkle in your holidays with our cold-pressed cran-apple juice fused with St~Germain liqueur, made from fresh, hand-picked elderflowers.

Christmas Antioxidant Juice

This festive juice recipe featuring pomegranate and cranberry is savory, tart and has loads of amazing health benefits. Perfect for the holidays!

Cold-Pressed Holiday "EggNog"

Traditional eggnog has its place, but how about a better tasting plant-based option? Try Chef Ari's healthy rendition of an old holiday favorite.

Dairy-Free Peppermint Patty Milk

The perfect way to enjoy peppermint patties this holiday season. Try our easy-to-make, dairy-free treat!