four juice shots with ingredients on a wood cutting board
April 04, 2021

Robin Frey

Juice Shot: The Metabolic Bomb

Also known as detox shots, wellness shots, booster shots,  immunity shots, or bombs, these small portions of nutrient dense juice pack a huge punch of vitamins and antioxidants in a small 4 oz shot with only 25 calories!


Why Lemon and Ginger?

These mini wellness concoctions typically consist of lemon and ginger, with or without a few added ingredients. Lemon and ginger are known for their high concentration of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This powerhouse team assists in promoting numerous health benefits including:

  • Boosting the body’s immune system
  • Relief of symptoms from arthritis and other inflammatory illnesses
  • Balancing the body’s PH
  • Neutralizing free radicals that turn healthy cells into sick or cancerous cells
  • Support of digestive health, settles upset stomach
  • Detoxification, cleansing the liver and colon of built up waste and toxins
  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Clearing skin and reducing premature aging
  • Improving eye care & brain function

Why We Love This Recipe

The celery helps to balance the ginger and lemon while supporting weight loss and boosting the metabolism. At only 25 calories per 4 oz shot, you can easily add this into your daily routine even if you are watching your calorie count. Adding the cayenne not only gives this shot an extra flavor kick, it also gives your metabolism a kick too!

This Is a Menu-Must if Selling Juice

Some of you may already have them on your menu, but for those of you who do not, listen up! Because—number one—they make a great add-on product to any juice purchase, as they are small and relatively inexpensive compared to a bottle of juice, and—number two—they are fun and really good for you. Your customers will love them!  Usually sold for $3 – $7 depending on size and ingredients (conventional /organic), they can be kept near the register for easy grab-and-go, much like grocery stores do with candy and water.

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Nilza Rodriguez

Looking forward recive more recepi

Dec 26, 2022
Nilza Rodriguez

Thank you

Dec 26, 2022

I absolutely love this SuperGreen recipe.. Thanks! I have been using natural remedies & herbs to heal for years and this recipe was tasty & perfect! I usually drink celery powder on an empty stomach but was looking for a new drink to give me a boost, that would help reduce blood pressure, fight inflammation and provide the many benefits contained in the drink. I absolutely loved it and already had all of the ingredients needed

Sep 29, 2022
Inge Poyner

Hi, how long do the shots last in the fridge? Thanks Inge

Aug 31, 2022
Robin Frey

Hi Inge, These shots will stay fresh for about 7 days in the fridge, depending on a few factors. You can read more about it here:

Aug 31, 2022
Lauren Bergeron

I don’t have a juicer. Can I use a vitamix blender? If so, how long will it last in the refrigerator? Thanks!

Jul 19, 2022
Robin Frey

Hi Lauren, You can try to use a blender and then filter it through a sieve, nut milk bag or cheesecloth, although I wouldn't recommend it...using a blender creates a lot heat and oxygen that gets into the juice, depleting the nutrients. To get the maximum benefits from juicing, I recommend buying a juicer (you can find some pretty inexpensive ones at your local box store). If you do make with a blender, I would drink it right away, as the longer it sits the less beneficial it will be.

Jul 19, 2022
May 14, 2022

Hi, I really like the recipe but I was wondering if it’s to much ginger. I read that you should only consume 3 grams of ginger extract but this recipe produces roughly 20 grams every (4 oz) is that ok? I drink it daily

Jan 25, 2022
Robin Frey

Hi Delany, In this recipe, ginger is only a portion of the 4 oz serving, so you are actually only getting less than 1 oz of actual ginger juice. That being said, everyone is different, you need to listen to your body on what works for you. I personally consume roughly 3 oz of ginger juice every morning to battle the inflammation from my arthritis and keep me pain-free. If you are drinking too much ginger, your body will tell you. The side effects you can experience from drinking too much ginger are: Heartburn, gas, stomachache, and burning feeling in the mouth. If you have any concerns or are on medication, you should consult your doctor. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or to be considered a substitute for professional medical advice.

Jan 25, 2022

Sounds good, really a whole cup of ginger?

Oct 18, 2021
Robin Frey

Yes, ginger shots are very potent 😄

Oct 18, 2021
Peter ZImmer

Very informative. And straightforward.

Aug 14, 2021
Robin Frey

Thanks Peter!

Aug 16, 2021

Hello! I'm a little confused about a couple of things: if this makes twelve ounces, how can it possibly be only 12 calories? And the shots are supposed to be 2-4 oz, per your article, so i don't see that, unless this recipe makes 3 servings..? What am i missing? I'm very interested in this power shots recipe and your webpage is very well-made. I think some vital points are missing. Thank you so much for your explanation. Christine B.

Jun 7, 2021
Robin Frey

Hi Christine! Good catch! I think we had a typo there, I will fix it 😄 There is 75 calories in the 12 oz, so if you are doing 4 oz shots, it would be 25 calories per serving.

Jun 7, 2021

Best juice shot I've ever tried!

Oct 21, 2020

This is my favorite juice shot, I love the pepper in it!

Oct 21, 2020

How long can I keep it in my fridge?

Jun 25, 2020
Robin Frey

Hi Jackie, It really depends on how the juice is made. If you are using a typical home juicer that utilizes centrifugal force (which creates heat), you will want to drink immediately or at least within the first few hours as the juice oxidizes and the nutrients break down quickly. If you are using a masticating, slow juicer or twin gear juicer, I would recommend to keep in the fridge for a maximum of 3 days because you will find the flavor and nutrients to diminish. If you are using a press, this recipe will keep in the fridge for up to 7 days. You can read more on the different types of juicers here: Happy Juicing 😄

Jun 26, 2020