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Robin Frey

Apple Crisp Smoothie

Autumn always brings with it a nostalgic aroma, one that reminds me of warm apple crisp fresh out of the oven on a chilly evening. The blend of apples and spices, with that unforgettable crumbly topping, is something that lingers in my memory long after the season has passed.

As the leaves started to fall and the air turned crisp, I couldn't help but wonder – could this essence be captured in a refreshing, healthful beverage? I decided to consult with Chef Ari on this idea, and lo and behold, Goodnature's Apple Crisp Smoothie was born.


Merging the classic sweetness of apples with the velvety texture of bananas, this smoothie takes a delightful twist with the zing of ginger and the aromatic embrace of chai spice. The granola lends it that reminiscent crumble, while maple syrup kisses it with just the right amount of sweetness. As if this wasn't dreamy enough, this drink isn't just about flavors – it's a powerhouse of nutrition. Brimming with antioxidants, it's your skin's best friend this season, and with the gentle nudge of ginger, your digestion gets that extra loving touch.

So, whether you're reminiscing about autumn memories or simply looking for a wholesome, delectable treat, this apple crisp-inspired smoothie is here to serenade our taste buds.

How To Make an Apple Smoothie

One of the things I love about this crisp apple smoothie is how easy it is to make. Just peel some fresh ginger, grab some maple syrup and oat milk from the fridge, some frozen fruit from the freezer, two spices from the pantry and you're good to go! Since I've cut the processed sugar out of my diet, I always have frozen fruit on hand for snacking, so that part was a piece of cake.

Bonus tip, if you've never tried freezing grapes before...well, you can thank me later!

Smoothie Ingredients

  • Oat milk - Keeping some instant organic oat milk in the pantry is always handy in a pinch, and it's so quick and easy for smoothies.
  • Frozen bananas and green apples - Keeping your fridge stocked with fruit is always a good idea!
  • Maple syrup - Pure maple syrup is going to give the best flavor and be the best choice for your body.
  • Vanilla paste or extract - We like the layered flavor profile of Nielsen-Massey's Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract for our recipes, especially dessert-y ones!
  • Fresh ginger - Don't add too much, especially if you're using a spice mix that includes ginger!
  • Granola - Use some high quality, local granola if you can find it!
  • Chai spice mix - We like to use the Chai Masala by Spicewalla but you can also make your own, I'll leave the diy instructions below.

How To Make Your Own Chai Spice Mix

Like I just mentioned, you really don't need to make your own, you can buy a premade mix (or masala). But if you're anything like me, you're at least curious to know what's in it and how its made. Ok, so here goes, ready for this? Mix all ingredients below and store them in a spice container. Yep, that's it – not hard to make, you just need to have all the ingredients on hand. I've linked all the spices to Amazon in case your pantry needs restocking.

DIY Chai Spice Mix Ingredients

If you make this apple smoothie recipe or spice mix, let Chef Ari and I know how you like it by commenting at the bottom of this post! Your feedback is important to us and to our recipe readers!

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OMag…this is absolutely delicious! I’m putting it on the menu this weekend. Thanks so much for sharing, Robin❤️

Nov 3, 2023
Robin Frey
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Awesome, happy to share 🙂

Nov 3, 2023