Recipes Tagged: Spicy

Sweet Heat Pineapple Green Juice

We are excited to bring you this refreshingly spicy, yet delicate green juice -- a playful twist on the classic flavor pairing of pineapple and mint.

Juice Shot: The Metabolic Bomb

Want an explosion of energy? Start your day off right with this juice shot made with lemon, ginger, green apple, celery, and a pinch of cayenne.

Spicy Thai Cider

Inspired by Tom Kha Kai, this unique juice unfolds its flavors in layers with notes of citrus, herbs and even an essence of pepper.

Juice Shot: Fresh Ginger Cleanse

This fresh ginger cleanse juice shot is easy to make and helps reduce inflammation as well as supports digestive health.

Juice Shot: Toxin Ninja

This ultra-healthy detox shot supports immunity, aids weight loss, and boosts metabolism. Spicy ginger and smooth maple are the stars of this recipe.

Asian-Inspired Pineapple-Pear Juice

Pineapple and pear star in this crisp juice recipe, but the inclusion of ginger and daikon make for Asian-inspired deliciousness.

Juice Shot: Sweet Revenge

The powerhouse team of ginger and lemon combine with strawberries to make a tasty juice shot with loads of health benefits.

Summer Juice Recipes

These summertime juices are perfect for cooling down and staying refreshed on a hot day.

Spicy Watermelon Juice

Reminiscent of Mexico's popular agua frescas or "fresh water" drinks, this spicy watermelon juice recipe is all the good without the added sugar.