Recipes Tagged: Cocktails

Blueberry Mojito Cocktail

Our cold-pressed version of the classic mojito cocktail balances the sweetness of pear with refreshing cucumber and infuses blueberry, mint, and lime.

Cold-Pressed Cocktail Recipes

What's better than a delicious cocktail? A delicious cocktail made with fresh juice, of course! Here are five of our favorites.

Honey Lemon Drop Martini

Made with cold-pressed lemon juice and honey instead of refined sugar, this lemon drop cocktail is delightfully tart and sweet.

Cranberry Elderflower Cocktail

Put a little sparkle in your holidays with our cold-pressed cran-apple juice fused with St~Germain liqueur, made from fresh, hand-picked elderflowers.

Jungle Juice

Our healthy, cold-pressed version of a college party favorite. This (optional alcoholic) jungle juice recipe is all about fresh produce.

Warm Apple Cider Cocktail

When the weather gets cold, nothing beats this warm apple cider recipe. The alcohol is optional, but the tasty-cozy-deliciousness is not.

Healthy Green Bloody Mary Cocktail

This green Bloody Mary is made with all fresh ingredients. No pre-made mixes. No ingredients you can't pronounce.