Recipes Tagged: Autumn

Anti-Inflammatory Juice Shot

This recipe for tasty and healthy ginger turmeric juice shots is a great way to fight inflammation, boost your immunity and provide a burst of energy!

Apple Carrot Juice Recipe

This simple, yet tasty blend of apple and carrot is known for boosting immunity and fighting cancer.

Holiday Pomegranate Pear Juice

A seasonal blend, this festive juice pairs ripe pomegranates with pear, grape, and orange, while fusing basil and fennel for another layer of flavor.

Thanksgiving Day Cold-Press Recipes

Love the thought of spinning holiday favs into healthy cold-pressed deliciousness? Include some of these in your Thanksgiving Day lineup!

Fall Harvest Juice

The earthiness of the root vegetables is balanced with warming fall spices and sweet red apple, pairing well with hearty soups & cozy autumn evenings.

Tropical Green Cauliflower Smoothie

Low in sugar, this green smoothie is sweet and herbal, made with tropical fruit and infused with fresh basil.

Kale Tonic with Apple Cider Vinegar

With an intense, deep flavor, this juice balances the sweet with spicy and savory, and then builds complexity with a unique acidic flavor from ACV.

Vitamin C Cold Buster Juice

This snappy cider packs a ton of vitamin C and will boost your immunity and help put an end to colds.

Sea Moss Smoothie

Nutrient-rich sea moss is balanced with creamy coconut milk, sweet dates and warm autumn spices for a welcome fall twist.

Jamu Juice (Indonesian Turmeric Tonic)

Jamu Juice is a potent medicinal tonic that originated in Bali and is known for its anti-inflammatory and viral infection fighting properties.

ABC Juice (Apple + Beet + Carrot)

A chef's twist on a classic blend of juices highlights Granny Smith apples and golden beetroot for a beyond tasty and vibrant detoxifying juice.

Immune Booster Juice

Keep your immune system functioning at its peak performance with this bright and tasty citrus juice blend.