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Anti-Inflammatory Juice Shot

This recipe for tasty and healthy ginger turmeric juice shots is a great way to fight inflammation, boost your immunity and provide a burst of energy!

Fig Almond Milk with Chaga Mushroom

Fresh fig and chaga mushroom are the stars in this almond milk recipe infused with warming spices, perfect for fall.

Bee Well Carrot Smoothie

This carrot smoothie features classic flavor combinations along with carrot and bee pollen for a tasty, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting blend.

Top 20 Green Juice Recipes

Find your new favorite green juices in our top 20 green juice recipes collection! These tasty juices are healthy and delicious.

Apple Carrot Juice Recipe

This simple, yet tasty blend of apple and carrot is known for boosting immunity and fighting cancer.

Anti-Cancer Carrot Juice

Drinking fresh pressed carrot juice is a big part of the cancer-fighting Gerson Therapy diet.

Mixed Berry Smoothie

Our mixed berry recipe is loaded with antioxidants from blueberries, blackberries, elderberry, and pomegranate for a healthy, delicious smoothie.

Quick & Easy Juice Recipes

With 4 ingredients or less, these simple, yet tasty juice recipes are quick and easy to make!

Sweet Heat Pineapple Green Juice

We are excited to bring you this refreshingly spicy, yet delicate green juice -- a playful twist on the classic flavor pairing of pineapple and mint.

Wheatgrass Juice with Orange, Coconut & Lime

Wheatgrass is teamed up with strong citrus and mellow coconut resulting in a delicious juice with all of the benefits and none of the bitterness.

ABC Juice (Apple + Beet + Carrot)

A chef's twist on a classic blend of juices highlights Granny Smith apples and golden beetroot for a beyond tasty and vibrant detoxifying juice.

The Clean Green Shot

Nutritious, bright, and loaded with most of the vitamins and minerals you need in a day, this green juice is best when taken as a daily shot.