Essential Juice Recipes

The recipes in this free PDF guide include:

  1. Sweet Green (always the best seller for a juice business)
  2. Healthy Green
  3. Classic Beet
  4. Carrot Blend
  5. Spicy Watermelon
  6. Almond Milk

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The Perfect Juice Menu

There’s a lot that goes into starting a juice bar or adding juice to your restaurant. Deciding on a menu can be intimidating. Just do a quick search for juice recipes online and you will find literally thousands of options.

Here’s the one tip we always give people getting into juice – Keep it simple! Walking into a juice bar and seeing 35 different recipes to choose from can be confusing. Not only is it overwhelming for the customer, but it’s also much harder to manage the inventory.

A nice menu with a small selection of good selling recipes will do great for your business.  You can cycle seasonal recipes in and out, and add some special recipes to the mix – like ginger shots or charcoal drinks, but if you have these six core recipes you will have a nice range of offerings without overwhelming your customer.

Our chef and consultant, Ari Sexner has come up with hundreds of recipes, and these are some of the favorites. People LOVE these recipes.

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