X1 Mini Cold Pressed Juicer

Charlie Wettlaufer

Goodnature Ends 2017 with a Successful X-1 Mini Presale

When we first started developing the X-1 Mini a couple years ago, we didn’t really know what the perfect juice machine looked like. How big it should be, how much juice it should make, and what price point it should be at were all a bit of a mystery. We did know one thing for sure— the market was missing a solution to make fresh, cold-pressed juice front-of-house in a cafe instead of in the back of a commercial kitchen.

Our marketing team set out to learn as much as we could about what our market wanted. We sent out surveys (many of you reading may have responded. Thank you!), ran polls on our website, and asked for customer feedback along the way.

This feedback process was new to us, and helped narrow down what our target market wanted. At each iteration of the new product we invited some of our network to see the machine, use it, and give us feedback. We would ask questions like “What do you think of the size?”, “What would you change about it?”, and “How much would you be willing to pay for this product?” We ended up completely changing direction more than once and starting over based on customer feedback. It hurts to throw away a prototype design, but in the end it costs much less than releasing the wrong product to the public.

As we got closer to launch day we debated a lot about how many we could sell. We ran all kinds of numbers in all kinds of spreadsheets, and ultimately decided that if we sold 30 units by end of year we would feel good about it, and if we sold 50 units it would be a home run. By the end of the first day of the presale we had sold over 30 units, and by the end of December we surpassed our “home run” number and booked orders for 61 machines, with 53 of them being US orders and eight being international. It was a very exciting way to end 2017 for the Goodnature team.

Our work is not done— we are still working on the final finishes for the machine, and working through certification processes with the various certifying agencies. The good news is we are currently ahead of schedule and don’t foresee any delays. We are also working on renovating our commercial kitchen so we can make tons of videos so everybody can see the product up close juicing a variety of different fruits and vegetables.

It’s been so fun working on this product and working with our wonderful customers. Thank you for all of our supporters, and I hope you are as excited about juicing in 2018 as we are.




I've owned a NORWALK juicer since the 90s and it's been good for me and to me. I was able to overcome ulcerated colitis, chrons disease and anemia. I was able to help my mom recover from 9 strokes and 2 heart attacks as well as help friends and family recover from near death experiences. Because we drink a lot of juice I have been looking for a juicer that could juice more in less time. I came across your juicer by accident. I looked at just about all the great videos and was humbled by the great work that you and others are doing when it comes to juicing. I ordered an x-1 mini as soon as I could and I am trying to get a daycare center to put an x-1 in. We are teaching people to do urban gardening any where they could and the results are amazing. I want to make sure this juicer spreads like wild fire. How can I do more?

Mar 3, 2018
Charlie Wettlaufer
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Thank you Allyson! Happy to hear your enthusiasm. Would love to get some updates as your business movers along. I will email you directly. thanks Charlie

Mar 5, 2018

I always love to read your blog. But the most unfortunate thing for me is that I dont know how to raise fund for this business. I have started it since March 2017, but I have remained at the subsistence level, that is my production is not much because I am still using the domestic machines and a manual presser. Nigerians are beginning to understand aand to embrace the drinking of freshly produced juice, The demand is favourable, but meeting up with target market demands more than domestic machine. How much is your smallest machine that has the presser with it. how much is the presser alone, and the crusher alone in Nigeria Naira.

Jan 5, 2018
Robin Frey
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Hi Seyi, You can find information on our new juicer, the X-1 Mini here. I see you have been in contact with Eric, I will have him reach out to you to help answer any questions you have, thank you!

Jan 5, 2018