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X-1 Mini Presale

Presale for U.S. customers begins December 18, 2017 at 11:00am Eastern Time and ends December 31, 2017. We will be doing a limited production of 50 X-1 Mini Pro machines beginning February or March 2018 (tentative). The next production will begin in May or June.  Don’t miss your chance to get yours first–be the first to order on December 18th.

International customers interested in purchasing the X-1 Mini should contact us for more information.

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X1 Mini Commercial Cold-Press System

Produce up to40-60 Bottlesper hour (12 oz servings)

Produce up to45-65 Ounces per batch (1.3 - 1.5 liters)

The New Standard

Generation Two Juicing™

Herbivore Grinder® Technology

Herbivore Grinder® Technology

Our new patent pending grinder loves kale just as much as it loves apples, ginger, and even almonds, making it the most versatile grinder ever created.

WholeFruit Hopper®

WholeFruit Hopper®

With a 4.3 inch wide mouth, there’s no need to cut or peel most fruit and vegetables. Easily feed Herbivore® whole bunches of kale and whole apples.

Adaptive Pressing System®

Adaptive Pressing System®

The X-1 Mini intelligently adapts its pressure to your recipe, giving the perfect pressure at the perfect time. Don't worry about pulling levers or twisting knobs, simple one-button operation.

FreshFilter Press Bags®

FreshFilter Press Bags®

Compostable, biodegradable press bags made from renewable resources. Single use bags cut down on labor time and help protect your customers from food-borne illness.

PresSafe Interlocks®

PresSafe Interlocks®

Grinder and press are fully enclosed while operating. This helps protect the juice from contamination, and the operator from injury.

Elegant Design

Elegant Design

We partnered with Christopher Flechtner, designer of world-famous Slayer espresso machines to bring the market something not only functional, but beautiful.

2 Models to Choose From

2 Models to Choose From
2 Models to Choose From
Product NameX-1 Mini CoreX-1 Mini Pro
True Cold-PressA true cold press is a 2 step process, grinding then pressing.YesYes
Extended WarrantyPre-orders receive a free 1 year extended warranty (2 years total)YesYes
Continuous DutyCan be used continuously without needing a breakYesYes
NSF CertifiedHealth regulations require NSF certification on most commercial food service equipmentYesYes
Herbivore Grinder®Patent pending grinder works on more varieties of fruit and veggies than ever before.YesYes
YieldThe Pro model can achieve slightly higher yield due to higher pressure in the press.HighUltra High
Pressing SpeedsSmaller batches can be pressed faster, reducing labor timeSingleDual
Hopper LengthThe Pro model features an extra long hopper, allowing for larger fruit and vegetables without cutting, reducing labor time.5 inches8 inches
Estimated Ship DateThe first production run of machines will be 50 X1 Mini Pro units for US customersBeginning May 2018Beginning March 2018
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Presale Bundle

  • X-1 Mini

    Choose either the X1 Mini Core or the X1 Mini Pro juicing system. Pro models will ship before Core models.

  • Extended warranty

    All pre-orders before January 1st, 2018 come with a free 1 year extended warranty (2 years total).

  • $500 store credit

    All pre-orders will will receive $500 USD credit to use on parts and accessories in our online store for future purchases (no expiration).

How the Presale Works

  • Place Order

    Reserve your X-1 Mini by placing a $5,000 deposit online December 18th. The first production run is limited to 50 X-1 Mini Pro units for U.S. customers which begin shipping March 2018 (tentative). The 2nd production run will begin after the first 50 are shipped, and will include Core and international models.

  • Confirmation

    After we receive your deposit, we will contact you to confirm estimated ship date, tax and shipping costs, and other details. Once your order is confirmed, you will have still have three days to cancel your order for any reason and receive a full refund of the deposit.

  • Follow Along

    You can check the status of your machine at any time in the "My Machines" section of your account page on our website. We will also be posting frequent video and social media updates as we move along the production process.

  • Pay Balance

    Once we begin production on your machine, we will require you to pay the remaining balance on the order. This is approximately 3 weeks prior to shipping.

  • Final Confirmation

    Once your machine is completed we will confirm shipping information one more time and get you your brand new X-1 Mini!

Official Documentation

X-1 Mini FAQ

X-1 Mini FAQ

We are keeping the FAQ up to date with the most frequently asked questions

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X1 Mini pro. details Subject to change

Technical Specifications

Capacity:5 lbs. (2.3 kg) per batch
Max Output:3-6 gallons / 11-23 liters per hour - depends on ingredients
Power Requirements (US):Single phase, 110v, 60Hz
Ratings / Certifications:Conforms to UL STD 763, NSF/ANSI STD 8 Certified to CSA STD C22.2 #195 CE Compliant IEC Tested
Weight:130lbs (59 kg)
Dimensions:24" x 15" x 30" (61cm x 38cm x 76cm)
Manufacturing:Made in Buffalo, NY, USA – NAFTA certificate available upon request
Produce Varieties:Apple, Kale, Pineapple, Spinach, Almonds and other nuts, Beet, Celery, Carrot, Herbs, Lemons, and hundreds more.

Goodnature X-1 Mini

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