NUTSÓLA is on a mission to improve the food industry by providing delicious clean ingredient products, without added sugars. They’re an excellent snack partner because of their wide array of snacks that fit the demands of your customers who want to live a healthy lifestyle. They are a great match!   

Energy Bars

Save time and increase ticket size with our premade NUTSÓLA bars! Soon to be your top seller when displayed like a pastry item. Comes with stand up sign and ingredient insert cards.

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Organic Chocolate

Increase ticket sales with these guilt-free dark chocolate bars, sweetened with dates by NUTSÓLA. Once your customers get a taste, you'll have a hard time keeping them on the shelves!

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Superfood Mixes

Granola sweetened with dates can be eaten on it's own, as a bowl topping, or even formed into superfood energy bars or balls. No added sugar.

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Customers Love the Taste

The father-son owners of this company truly make the entire experience of carrying the Nutsola products amazing. They are so helpful and passionate, and stand behind the quality of their snacks. Our customers love the taste and the clean ingredients they use. I highly recommend their products.

Amy, SuperJuice Nation

Wonderful Product

We have been carrying the Nutsola brand in our shop for a few months and it has done very well for us. The product is delicious, and the price point is accessible to many.

Cara, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Cafe - NYC

All products tasty and very popular with customers...

Miklos, Better Life Whole Foods

Create Your Own Superfood Bars

Simply add a bit of water, and NUTSÓLA can be rolled into energy balls or formed into superfood bars.

A Father + Son Mission

NUTSÓLA was founded in 2017 by Adam Kukoff and his father, Michael. Originally NUTSÓLA was a product made in their home kitchen just for the family without ever thinking it would be a business. However, they had something unique. In 2019 NUTSÓLA launched on Kickstarter, and after a successful campaign, brought the product to market. Adam and Michael are passionate about product innovation and improving your health and lifestyle.