Goodnature X-1 Mini Video Updates 12-8-17-blog

Charlie Wettlaufer

X-1 Mini Update Videos – Hourly Juice Production and First Look

My brother, Eric, (CEO) was able to make 64 bottles of apple juice (12 ounce bottles) in an hour on a recent prototype of the X-1 Mini last month. We filmed it and decided to post it as a time lapse, as it shows that this machine can really support a small juice business. The prototype here is basically all of the functional components of the final version of the X-1 Mini Pro without the pretty design or nice materials.

This amount of hourly juice production is about what you would expect when pressing something juicy like cucumber or apple. Less juicy produce like leafy greens won’t yield as much per hour but can get pretty close. We will post videos of us making other types of juice soon.

No preparation required here other than washing the apples. Made possible by the new Herbivore Grinder, which is large enough to accept whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting, and the Adaptive Press, which applies the right pressure at the right time.

And here is the new Goodnature X-1 mini, serial number 1. This is what the pretty version looks like. It’s not 100% finalized yet, but it’s getting close!

Learn more about the Goodnature X-1 Mini. Stay tuned for more videos to come!