juice shots surrounded by the ingredients carrot, lemon, ginger, and turmeric to make this cold press wellness shot recipe

Robin Frey

Juice Shot: Fresh Ginger Cleanse with Carrot, Lemon, Turmeric & Cayenne

Juice shots, also known as wellness shots, bombs, booster shots, immunity shots, and more have grown in popularity in the juicing community over the past few years. These small 4 oz shots are intentionally made to pack a hard punch of antioxidants and nutrients – hence the name, wellness shot!


Why We Love This Wellness Shot

A perfect add-on for juice bars. If you aren’t already offering your own version of a juice shot in your juice bar, here is your chance. They are the perfect impulse buy or add-on item for your customers. Plus, they are cost-effective compared to a standard 12 oz bottle of juice. These shots can be sold anywhere between $3 – $7 depending on the ingredients and make a great grab and go! 

A low calorie detox juice shot.  It’s usual for juice shots to include either fresh lemon, ginger, or both due to their cleansing properties. Ginger is a plant that originated in China and is closely related to turmeric, cardamom, and galangal. Fresh ginger root and ginger pulp have a long history of being used in alternative and traditional forms of medicine, along with lemons! With only 22 calories per 4 oz serving, this wellness shot is easy to add into your daily diet even if you are keeping an eye on calorie count.

Fresh ginger and lemon are the versatile dynamic duo that can be incorporated into almost any drink – that’s why they’re great for these small shots with large benefits. This powerhouse team assists your body in promoting health benefits including: 


Now, let’s get to the good stuff! If you’re interested in adding juice shots to your menu, or just want to make at home, here’s one of our favorite fresh ginger shots for you to try! 


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