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Robin Frey

Gerson Therapy Carrot Juice Recipe

Drinking fresh-pressed carrot juice multiple times per day is part of the Gerson Therapy diet’s daily menu for fighting cancer.


A typical Gerson patient’s regimen consists of making and drinking raw, organic juice once per every waking hour of the day, up to thirteen (13) 8 oz juices per day. Therefore, consuming large amounts of fresh, cold-pressed juice is a major component of the Gerson Therapy diet.

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Why Carrot Juice?

Many people wonder why carrot juice is used as part of the Gerson diet. Gerson answers this and other questions about the juice-drinking guidelines by referring back to the results of Dr. Max Gerson’s thirty years of clinical practice. These results are outlined in the book, A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases, and are used as a roadmap to healing.


How To Make This Juice Recipe

Gerson has a few guidelines for making and drinking juice on the therapy program:

  • All produce MUST be organic
  • Stick to the three main juice recipes and optional breakfast citrus juice recipe
  • If you are missing a recipe ingredient, do not substitute, just omit it
  • Use a “two-stage” or “two-step” juicer that grinds, then presses (with the exception of juicing orange)
  • Juice oranges with a manual reamer-style citrus juicer
  • Make fresh juice every hour of the day
  • Consume juice as soon as it’s made, do not store it

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