Gerson Therapy green juice on a countertop with ingredients

Robin Frey

Gerson "Green" Juice

While this juice might not look green, it definitely classifies as a green juice because it contains mostly green vegetables.


This green juice is one of the three juice recipes on the Gerson Therapy diet, which is used to fight cancer and other chronic illnesses.

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How To Make This Juice Recipe

Gerson has a few guidelines for making and drinking this juice on the therapy program:

  • All produce MUST be organic
  • If you are missing a recipe ingredient, do not substitute, just omit it
  • Use a “two-stage” or “two-step” juicer that grinds, then presses
  • Consume juice as soon as it’s made, do not store it

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Nov 26, 2023
Sep 10, 2023