Does Apple Juice Have Fiber? How Much?


Does Apple Juice Have Fiber? How Much?

So, does apple juice have fiber? Well, it all depends on how it's made. Store-bought apple juice contains about 0.5 grams of dietary fiber. Fresh cold-pressed apple juice can contain as much as 8g.

Why such a difference?

You see, the fiber in apples is mostly in the skin and pulp, which often does not make it into commercially processed apple juice. Therefore, it's likely you are not be getting much fiber from your morning glass of apple juice unless it is cold-pressed.

The 0.5 grams of dietary fiber you can get from a 1-cup serving of unsweetened commercial apple is far less than what you can get from a whole apple.

Fiber Content of Pasteurized Apple Juice

As noted, a regular 8-ounce serving of apple juice typically contains about half a gram of dietary fiber. Of course, this amount may vary a bit depending on the specific brand and how the juice was made. 

But it's worth noting that apple juice isn't exactly a great source of fiber. In fact, the fiber content in apple juice is relatively low compared to what most of us should be getting on a daily basis.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), it is recommended for adults to have 14 grams of dietary fiber for every 1,000 calories consumed. If your daily caloric requirement is 2,000 calories, then you should aim to consume 28 grams of fiber daily.

Dietary fiber is a critical nutrient for overall well-being, and store-bought apple juice is not going to get you to your goals. If you want a drink that's packed with more fiber, then your best option would be to make your own unfiltered apple juice at home or choose cold-pressed organic apple juice.

Fiber Content of Cold Pressed vs. Pasteurized Apple Juice

If you want to make the most out of the health benefits of apple juice, it's best to steer clear of the processed and overly sweetened ones you can get at the store. Instead, you can opt for cold-pressed juicing which is one of the best ways to ensure that your body gets all the essential vitamins and minerals. 

With the cold-press method of juice extraction, you can preserve the majority of the nutrient and fiber content, making it easier for your body to absorb and utilize them efficiently. Depending on the apple variety, 1 cup of cold-pressed organic apple juice can contain as much as 8g of dietary fiber. You can also easily add other high-fiber vegetables to your juice blends, making delicious juices with even higher fiber content.

What is the Fiber Content of Different Apple Varieties?

Did you know that there are thousands of types of apples all over the world? But interestingly, most of them have around 2.4 grams of fiber in every 100 grams of fruit.

The fiber content (grams per 100g) of the most common apple varieties is:

  • Granny Smith 2.5 g
  • Golden Delicious 2.4 g
  • Gala 2.1 g
  • Fuji 2.1 g
  • Red Delicious 2 g
  • Honeycrisp 1.7 g

What are the Health Benefits of Fiber in Apple Juice?

The soluble fiber found in cold-pressed apple juice is not only beneficial for your heart, but also for your gut health. It helps to keep everything running smoothly. And here's a bonus – cold-pressed apple juice is a great way to prevent constipation since it's loaded with fiber.

Plus, the fiber can help keep you feeling satiated, so you won't be tempted to overeat. Therefore, drinking apple juice can assist in shedding some pounds as fiber plays a vital role in weight management. Fiber aids in regulating the digestive system, allowing you to feel satisfied for a longer period, helping you avoid overeating.


So, to sum up, cold-pressed apple juice is richer in fiber compared to the ones produced commercially. This means if you want to up your fiber intake, you should be mindful of the way your apple juice is prepared. Also, make sure you keep the freshly squeezed juice refrigerated to retain its nutritional goodness. Overall, apple juice can be a great source of fiber as long as you consume it in the correct form.

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