two glasses of spicy Thai cider on a wooden serving tray surrounded by recipe ingredients

Robin Frey

Spicy Thai Cider Juice Recipe (Inspired by Tom Kha Kai)

If you like Thai flavor and food, you are going to love this juice!

This Spicy Thai Cider recipe highlights popular Thai ingredients such as kaffir lime, lemongrass, daikon and Thai chili. The result is a deliciously unique juice with a Thai twist.

Our staff chef Ari Sexner shares his inspiration for this unique juice recipe:

“My inspiration on this juice was Tom Kha Kai [Thai coconut soup]. I find it is important when drawing on inspiration for new juice blends to never limit yourself  to just juices you have previously sampled, but include other dishes as well. Going about it this way opens up a whole new level of ingredients, and you will be surprised at how many ingredients can actually be sourced locally.”


Why We Love This Spicy Thai Cider Recipe

This cold-pressed juice is really a masterpiece, meticulously crafted by Chef Ari. The flavor profiles are truly amazing, and he explains in detail the purpose for each ingredient he chose:

“For this juice, I use a balance of pears and apples for the base along with some daikon (thanks to my friend Valentin from The Daily Juicery in France for this tip on daikon).

I then use lime to cut the sweetness, as well as kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass for an additional layer of flavor that have light citrus but strong herbal notes. I use galangal for the peppery kick, as well as the chilies that will build heat as you drink it. Beet is there to adjust the color and make it slightly more vibrant.

The foam is to slightly mellow out the heat from the chilies and finally bring the main component of Tom Kha back into the mix.”


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