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Robin Frey

Cherry Vanilla Almond Milk

Easy to digest, almond milk has been used for centuries and has become a popular plant-based alternative to cow’s milk. This particular almond milk recipe is a real treat, with its star ingredients of cherry, vanilla, and honey, and not to mention, a secret ingredient! 


Ari Sexner, Goodnature’s full-time chef and juice business consultant created this amazing nut milk recipe using our Classic Almond Milk Recipe as the base. This practice is actually a very important element in creating new, unique recipes —  Add ingredients to simple recipes, using them as a base. You can see this in action in Ari’s book, the Juicing Companion.


Ari explains why he chose the ingredients he added to the base almond milk recipe:

“For this blend, we wanted to get a bit creative, building on the base almond milk recipe. I used some slightly unconventional ingredients to incorporate into the nut milk.

Cacao nibs provide a slight familiar hint of chocolate while providing a little bit of texture without changing the color of the milk.

Cherry is the key element. It adds a beautiful pink color and it pairs well with not only the cacao, but also with the vanilla and the [secret ingredient] mint.

Honey or sorghum syrup can be used for the sweetener. They not only add sweetness, but also slight floral notes. Dates can be used if you prefer, however, that will change the color slightly.”


Why We Love This Homemade Nut Milk Recipe

This almond milk is creamy and has a pleasant, nutty flavor with a fruity, floral twist. And of course it is gluten free and dairy free.

A lot of people ask, why would you make almond milk at home when its cheaper to buy it at the store?

There are a number of reasons, but here are the ones I feel are the most important (at least to me, please comment if yours are different!)

  1. The freshness and the flavor. Everyone knows that the fresher something is, the tastier it is. How much more fresh can you get if you make it at home?
  2. It’s unique and made to your own preferences. I can guarantee you will not find anything in the store that tastes like this almond milk! Plus, you have total control of what you put in it. Don’t like mint? No problem, leave it out! Not sure you want to ingest the ingredients you can’t pronounce on the store bought carton? Make your own!
  3. The satisfaction you get from making your own. There’s something to be said for the feeling you get when you do something for yourself, by consuming something you made or by growing your own food. It’s a type of self love, and it shouldn’t be overlooked!

On other great option is to make plant-based milk with a premium milk base or powder like the ones available from the Goodnature Marketplace.


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Wendy Sharpe

I made this and added to my granola for breakfast, yum!

Apr 4, 2023

I really want to try this. When do you incorporate the mint?

Jan 23, 2023
Robin Frey
Goodnature logo badge

Hi Brandie, the mint is blended with the cherries, honey, cacao nibs, and mint in step 5. Hope you like it! 🙂

Jan 23, 2023