two glasses of broccoli carrot juice recipe with cucumber, beet, radishes and lemon

Robin Frey

Broccoli Carrot Veggie Juice Recipe

If you like salty, savory beverages, this broccoli-based juice recipe is for you.


Most broccoli juice recipes you’ll find online are “sweet broccoli” blends that include green apple (or a similar fruit). That’s all well and good, but our in-house chef took this recipe in a different, more nutritious direction.


Why We Love This Broccoli Juice Recipe

Put simply, veggie-heavy juices like this taste good. Granted, they’re not for everyone, but we love vegetables (especially our top 10 vegetables for juicing) here at Goodnature.

Here’s what our expert chef Ari Sexner had to say about his creation:

"This all-vegetable juice blend is very nutrient-dense, but balanced enough to be very enjoyable as a savory blend."

The bit of lemon juice really helps to provide that balance Ari mentioned.

If you’re juicing primarily for wellness, then this next part is probably what you’ll be most interested in.


The health benefits of this veggie-heavy juice are numerous. Here are 8 of the most notable ones:

  1. Helps your body detox. Any veggie-heavy juice is great for detoxing. And it doesn’t get much more “veggie-heavy” than this.
  2. Anti-inflammatory. Almost every ingredient has properties that help reduce inflammation in the body.
  3. Antioxidant rich. Broccoli and carrots are among the top 20 foods high in antioxidants.
  4. Aids weight lossCarrots and beets, in particular, are great assistants in one’s weight loss journey. Talk about superfoods!
  5. Great for your immune system. This juice is super high in vitamin C, vitamin B9-folate and vitamin A — all great for immune support.
  6. High amount of other vitamins and minerals. These include the ones mentioned above, calcium, vitamin K, potassium and more.
  7. Can help lower cholesterol. Multiple ingredients are known to help lower cholesterol levels.
  8. Improves heart health. Broccoli is rich in vitamin B9-folate, which can help maintain a healthy heart.

It’s also very low in sugar, even compared to most low-sugar juicer recipes.

Finally, and this really should go without saying, this broccoli juice is vegan, dairy free and gluten-free. (People ask.)

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James Newman

An awesome and very healthy recipe that everyone should really appreciate and try out.

Aug 16, 2023
John E. Arrington Jr.

Love looking for healthy recipes to juice !

May 16, 2021
Robin Frey
Goodnature logo badge

Hi John, That's great, you're in the right place! You can find all of our recipes here:

May 20, 2021
Albert Charles

Can I suggest that you invent a smaller cheaper press like 1/2 the price of your M1? I would definitely buy, btw I live in the tropics West Indies.and I' ve a juice bar

May 1, 2021
Robin Frey
Goodnature logo badge

Thank you for your feedback Albert!

May 1, 2021

Very good

Apr 29, 2021