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April 14, 2022

Robin Frey

Citrus Carrot Juice with Ashwagandha and Passion Fruit

Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen that is used to relieve stress, reduce inflammation and even fight cancer.

Although some might find it hard to take ashwagandha due to it’s slightly bitter taste, with this recipe you won’t even know it’s in there!


For this blend, we are using fruit and produce that is in season during the spring and summer months. For our citrus elements, we are using grapefruit and orange. The passion fruit and carrot help balance out the bitterness of the ashwagandha, while the local honey brings in more sweetness and adds benefits to those with allergies.

Why We Love This Citrus Carrot Juice

Can I mix ashwagandha in juice? Yes, you most absolutely can! And that is the main reason we love this particular recipe. When you mix the ashwagandha root extract into this citrusy juice, you won’t even taste its slightly bitter flavor. It is completely balanced for a delicious tasting juice with all of the benefits ashwagandha has to offer.

Chef Ari explains his thoughts behind the formulation of this recipe:

“We built this blend around ashwagandha, which has a slightly bitter flavor and pairs well with grapefruit due to its flavor profile. The honey takes the edge off the bitterness making it much more mellow. The orange adds a depth of citrus to round out the flavor, and the carrot works great with citrus for taking off the sharpness. Lastly, passion fruit gives a bit of texture while also adding to the overall citrusy, refreshing flavor that works great during the spring and summer seasons. “


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I use Mary Ruth’s Organic Ashwagandha Root liquid drops, which you can find here on Amazon.

Health Benefits of This Ashwagandha Juice

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

I noticed that after taking ashwagandha as a daily supplement, my stress and anxiety levels have decreased. Studies also prove that taking ashwagandha extract helps to reduce stress and anxiety and improve the overall well-being of adults under stress.

Reduces Inflammation

Initially I started taking ashwagandha for its stress relieving benefits, but I grew to love it even more for its anti-inflammatory benefits. While I have experienced a decrease in inflammation and joint pain and am a living testament to its efficacy, there are also several animal studies that have shown that ashwagandha reduces inflammation.

Fights Cancer

Studies have shown that one of ashwagandha’s compounds helps to kill cancer cells and keeps cancer cells from growing. Research also suggests that it may help treat several types of cancer.

For a more in-depth look at ashwagandha, read our article: Ashwagandha: Benefits, Uses, and Recipes


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Does the passionfruit not go through the juicer also? As I read the directions, is it saying to just mix it in after the others are juiced?

Oct 25, 2022
Robin Frey

That is correct, just scoop out the inside of the passionfruit and mix into the finished juice (this gives the best yield and flavor). When the outer part is juiced, it gives an odd flavor, so it is not recommended. If you don't want the texture of the seeds, you can remove them. After the pulp and seeds are whisked into the juice, just pass the juice through a strainer.

Oct 25, 2022

Well I have been juicing for some time since I found some on my phone and I am doing this daily

Apr 14, 2022
Robin Frey

Awesome! Thanks for sharing Lillian

Apr 14, 2022