Preventing and Fixing an Oil Leak

This procedure will guide you through the steps to preventing and fixing an oil leak on your Goodnature X-1.


1. Due to vibration, frequently tighten all of your hydraulic lines to prevent fluid leaking from the hydraulic line joints.

2. Regularly inspect all of your hydraulic lines and pistons for cracks or suspicious deformations.

Troubleshooting and Fixing a Leak

1. Place the directional lever into the neutral position. 


2. Turn the power to your machine off and wipe down all of the hydraulic lines, the hydraulic tank and cylinders.

3. Turn your machine on; turn the directional valve handle to close the platen.

4. Once the platen is closed and the X-1 has reached 1800 psi, check all of your hydraulic lines for any fluid leak or pooling of fluid around the joints.

5. Repeat the process leaving the press in the open position.

6. Tighten any suspect fittings. 


7. If you have determined that a hydraulic line is defective, contact Goodnature for a replacement part. View Replacing a defective hydraulic line article.

For additional technical support needs, contact our technical support team. To order new parts and press bags, visit the X-1 parts page.