Replacing a Defective Hydraulic Line

This procedure will guide you through the steps to replace defective hydraulic lines on the Goodnature X-1.

Replacing Hydraulic Lines

1. Make sure the press is in the fully open position and turned off.

2. Take note of the position of the defective line so that your new line is positioned in the same manner.

3. To remove a hydraulic line, two 9/16” wrenches will be needed to remove the defective line. One wrench is used to remove the nut connecting the line to its terminator, the other wrench to hold the opposite end of the line so that it remains stationary and does not twist or turn during removal.


4. Once the line is removed, attach your new line, connecting and tightening each of the nuts using two 9/16” wrenches. Make sure your new line is connected in the same position as the old line.

In the process of replacing a line you may have lost hydraulic fluid. With the press fully open, check your fluid level by removing the cap on the hydraulic tank. Your fluid should be visible to one inch below the top of the tank. Use ISO 32 Food Grade hydraulic fluid to replace lost fluid.

For additional technical support needs, contact our technical support team. To order new parts and press bags, visit the X-1 parts page.