Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Goodnature X-1 with the EG-260 grinder.

Is the X-1 NSF compliant?

Yes, the Goodnature X-1 Press with EG-260 Grinder is ETL listed as NSF, UL, CSA, and CE compliant.

How much does the X-1 weigh?

The X-1 with EG-260 grinder attached weighs about 480 lbs / 220 kg.

How much electricity does the X-1 use?

The X-1 with EG-260 grinder averages about 1.5KW per hour, at about 12.5 AMPS if both the grinder and press are running simultaneously.

What is the shipping weight of the X-1?

The crated shipping weight of the X-1 with EG-260 grinder is approx. 680-720 lbs, depending on how many extra supplies and parts are included in the crate.

Does the X-1 come assembled?


How often should I change the hydraulic oil?

The oil normally does not need to be changed unless it becomes contaminated with water or other liquid.

Can I get the machine wet without damaging it?

Yes, the X-1 and EG-260 grinder are wash-down rated, which means they can be washed down with water without causing damage. Do not spray water directly into the back of any motors.

What is the output of the X-1?

Normal production in a cold-press business will range between 12-30 gallons per hour, with a maximum 40 gallons per hour.

How often do I need to clean the X-1?

All food prep equipment should be cleaned and sanitized at least once every 4 hours to prevent bacteria growth.

Can the X-1 produce nut-milk?

Yes, you can view the instructional article and video here.

Is there a warranty?

Goodnature equipment comes standard with a one year parts and labor warranty. We have additional extended warranties available for purchase.

Do you provide training?

Yes, we can provide training in our facility free of charge, or at your facility for a fee.

Can the X-1 make coconut milk?

No, the X-1 cannot be used to make coconut milk. Coconut milk can be made in a blender.

Are there any ingredients that shouldn’t be cold-pressed?

Ingredients that don’t work well in a press include bananas, avocados, some berries, and other soft fruit that is better puree’d as apposed to pressed.

What are the labor costs associated with the X-1?

Labor costs depend on the work process, and on local labor costs. Contact us for more help on this subject.

Can you provide recipes?

We have recipes on our commercial juicing blog, and we can provide consulting services to help with creating custom recipes.

What is the operating noise level of the X-1 with EG-260 Grinder?

70-80 decibels

Does the X-1 work with citrus fruit?

Whole lemons and limes including the rind can be added to mixed recipes. If producing straight citrus juice without other ingredients, the fruit should be peeled prior to grinding.

Doesn’t the spinning blade in the grinder create heat and oxidize the juice?

The blade is very sharp and only contacts the fruit for a fraction of a second and therefore does not create any measurable heat or oxidation. If you put cold produce in, you get cold juice out. This is a true cold-press.

What type of electrical plug is on the X-1?

The press and grinder each come with a NEMA L6-20 plug end attached.

Do you offer financing?

Goodnature works with a number of lending partners to help our customers finance the purchase of our equipment.