How to Make Nut Milk
May 07, 2015

How to Make Nut Milk on the Goodnature X-1 (with video)

Nut milk (also known as “mylk”) makes a great addition to any business that sells juice. Nut milks have grown in popularity both in the grocery store and in juice bars within the last few years. There are even companies now that are making only raw nut milks.

So what is nut milk?

Well, it’s not actually milk, which does make it naturally lactose free, and it’s also very low in calories when served without any added sweeteners. Nut milk is just nuts, almonds and cashews most frequently, and filtered water. Sweeteners like dates, vanilla, or honey can be added to enhance the flavor.

Making nut milk on the Goodnature X-1 is a simple process; it’s really just a matter of fine tuning your recipe to achieve the taste and creaminess you desire.

  1. Soak nuts in filtered water for 24 to 48 hours.
    That’s a pretty wide range but we have found that the longer the nuts are soaked, the less water is required later for blending. This should result in a creamier taste as well. Soaking should always be done in a refrigerator.
  2. Drain and rinse.
    The water will be dirty, especially if soaked closer to 48 hours. In the next step we will add in clean, fresh water.
  3. Weigh the nuts and add in filtered water.
    We weighed two pounds (.9 kg) of soaked nuts and added four pounds (1.8 kg) of water (about 2 liters / 68 ounces).
    Note: This is where some trial and error may be required as the ratio of nuts to water may vary depending on how you want it to taste and how long you soaked the nuts for. We found if we only soaked the nuts for 24 hours, the ratio had to be one part nuts to three parts water, at minimum, just to get the nuts to blend properly. With too little water, the slurry became like whipped frosting and wouldn’t press well. Soaking for 48 hours allowed us to do one part nut to two parts water.
  4. Blend the mixture into a slurry.
    We used the Vitamix XL because the size of mixture and it does a really great job of blending the nuts. We are only looking to break down the nuts into a smaller size, not get them so fine they will get into our milk. Typically 20 to 30 seconds is enough. Start the blender on a medium speed and take it up to high after 8 to 10 seconds.
  5. Pour into the press.
    The Monofilament Nut Milk Bag works the best as it is the most efficient and easier to clean. If you do not have one, a wide weave bag can be used.
  6. Repeat steps 3 – 5 until the bag is about halfway full or you’ve used all your nuts.
  7. Blend any additional solid ingredients
    For this recipe we used dates. After blending, add to the nut slurry.
  8. Start the press.
    Press very slowly to be sure the slurry doesn’t overflow the top of the bag. We set the press to take about 2 minutes to fully close.
  9. Add any additional liquid or powder ingredients.
    Popular ingredients include vanilla or cocao powder. Add to the nut milk and stir.
  10. Bottle, chill, and enjoy!

Just like cold pressed juice, raw nut milk has a short shelf life. Keep the product refrigerated, and check with local health regulations about recommended shelf life.  Make sure to fully clean and sanitize the X-1 before juicing anything else, as some customers may be allergic to nut based products. Also, there may be labeling requirements, read our article to learn more: FDA Labeling Requirements