Choosing the Best Grinder Blade and Press Bag

Which bag, blade, and grinder settings should you use?

This is a basic guide for the EG-260 grinder used with the X-1 and X-6 presses.

If you are mixing ingredients, usually the best combination is the 1/4″ blade at a speed of 40 Hz, and the medium weave press bag. We recommend mixing ingredients, since it makes the grinding process easier and you can achieve a better yield.

General rules of thumb are:

  • For firmer fruits and vegetables a smaller holed grinder disc is recommended.
  • For softer fruits and vegetables a larger holed grinder disc is recommended.
  • The size of the disc can be found stamped along the outer edge.
  • For fine grind use 3/16″ or 3/32″ tooth grinder blade, medium grind – 1/4″, coarse  grind- 1/2″ or 5/16″
  • Speed also affects the grind. Use a faster speed on the grinder for a finer grind.
  • Trial and error is a good approach simply for learning what works best for your business and specific recipes.

If you are juicing ingredients separately, this is what we recommend:

  • Apple – Med bag / coarse grind
  • Beet – Tight bag / fine grind
  • Carrot – Tight bag / fine grind
  • Celery – Med bag / medium grind
  • Leafy Greens  (kale, spinach, etc.)- Med bag / medium grind
  • Cucumber – Med bag / medium grind
  • Ginger – Tight bag / fine grind
  • Grape – Tight bag / mix with other ingredients, or do not grind
  • Pear – Tight bag / coarse grind
  • Pineapple – Med bag / coarse grind – do not remove the rind
  • Pomegranate – Med bag / do not grind
  • Romaine Lettuce – Med bag / medium grind
  • Wheat Grass and Herbs– Med bag / grind with other produce or using separate food processor
  • Almonds and other nuts – Monofilament Nut Milk bag / soak in water and grind using a blender or food processor (don’t use the EG-260)

Download Bag & Blade Guide

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