Three Dots Displayed on Keypad

There are a few reasons why the keypad on your EG-260 grinder might display “: ..” Below you will find a list of probable reasons as well as solutions.

You will need to have qualified personnel power the unit on with the electric box door open to resolve. What does the display on the VFD read?

“CF” / “cF” displayed on VFD

Either CF fault message is an indicator of an Electronic Programming Module(EPM) fault. The EPM is what stores the program for the VFD. Corrective measures are to power down the unit completely and replace the EPM with a preprogrammed EPM or power down the unit remove, and reinstall current EPM. A factory reset must be performed upon reinstallation of existing EPM after initial power up. After the factory reset has been performed, the OEM parameters must be reprogrammed.

“F1” displayed on VFD

F1 is also an EPM related fault. This fault indicates either a missing or damaged EPM. Corrective measures are to power down the unit and press the EPM back into place. Upon power up the VFD should now read – – – or another fault code. If F1 is still displayed the EPM is damaged and must be replaced.

“JF” displayed on VFD

JF is a remote keypad fault indicating an interruption of the communication link between the keypad and the VFD. Most probable reason being a loose or disconnected wire between the keypad and VFD. Power down the unit completely and have qualified personnel inspect and repair wiring. Upon power up the VFD and Keypad should read – – -. If the wiring is correct and the VFD continues to read JF the keypad is damaged and needs to be replaced.


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