Realign the Stub Shaft and Replace the Shaft Seal

This procedure will guide you through the steps to realign the stub shaft and replace the shaft seal on your Goodnature EG-260.

Stub Shaft and Shaft Seal Alignment

Aggressive use of the product feeder will cause the stubshaft to slide down on the motor shaft. When this occurs the shaft seal will be squashed usually causing a CL warning message on the keypad accompanied with a slight burning smell. Continued operation in this condition will not only cause the grinder to shut down on a PF fault code but will cause damage to the shaft seal. To properly realign the stubshaft and shaft seal follow the following instructions:

Note: The only components of the grinder that should not be installed for this process will be the hopper and a shredder disc.

Realigning the Backing Plate and Stubshaft

1. The first step in realignment will require use of an 1/8” allen wrench. This wrench will be used to loosen the two setscrews that attach the stubshaft to the motor shaft. The stubshaft is located between the motor and the grinder base plate.


2. After the setscrews are loose, pull out on the grinder disc backing plate until the top of the backing disc is 1 ½” away from the grinder base plate.


3. You can now retighten the setscrews. Goodnature recommends applying semi-permanent Loctite to the setscrews before tightening.

Realigning or Replacing the Rubber Shaft Seal

1. We need to remove the backing plate hub, which is the metal component that holds the white backing place to the motor shaft. To accomplish this, grip the motor shaft with vice grips, and remove the backing plate hub using channel locks or another type of wrench.


2. Align the shaft seal so that the top of the seal is flush with the top of the shoulder on the stubshaft.


3. Re-attach the backing disc with drive hub to the stubshaft, again using a small amount of semi-permanent Loctite is recommended.

For additional technical support needs, contact our technical support team. To order new parts, visit the EG-260 parts page.