Deep Cleaning EG-260 Grinder

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to properly deep clean your Goodnature EG-260 Grinder.

All equipment being used for food processing in a commercial kitchen should be washed, rinsed, and sanitized at least once every four hours. Depending on use, you will also want to perform a “deep cleaning” of the EG-260 at least once per month or more if being used daily.

Warning: Always clean equipment according to local health regulation

Deep Cleaning the EG-260 Grinder

Doing a deep cleaning the grinder is fairly easy, and all that’s needed is a steel wool sponge and white vinegar.

Cleaning the Steel Surfaces

The most important area to clean is the stainless steel surface behind the blade, since this area comes in direct contact with the fruit and vegetables you are juicing. We recommend the following cleaning process:

  1. Remove the hopper.
  2. Remove the white backing plate by removing the triangular backing plate knob and lifting the white plate off of the machine.
  3. If your grinder contains a removable white gasket (introduced in grinders made during March 2015 or after), remove it. If not, you will either need to clean around the non-removable gasket, or remove the gasket and purchase a new removable gasket to use after cleaning. The removable gasket is compatible with earlier versions of the grinder.
  4. Pour white vinegar onto the sponge and scrub the steel until clean.
  5. #4 can be repeated for any steel surfaces that need cleaning, including the outside of the electrical box.

Cleaning Blades and Backing Plates

If the grinder blade has built up a white residue, it is best to replace the blade instead of attempting to clean it. Usually, by the time a blade has built up a white residue, the blade is also dull and should be replaced.

If the white backing plate is stained, we recommend removing the blade, scrubbing the backing plate with soap and water, and soaking the backing plate in water with a small amount of bleach for 8 hours. If this doesn’t clean the backing plate, we recommend purchasing a new backing plate.

For more detailed information on cleaning your EG-260 Grinder, refer to the EG-260 Owner's Manual. For additional technical support needs, contact our technical support team. To order new parts, visit the EG-260 parts page.