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The Goodnature M-1

The M-1 is the first commercial juice press built specifically for juice on-demand. No longer do your customers have to choose between “fresh” or “cold-pressed”—now they can have both. The first juice press that requires no cleaning between recipes.

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  • $4,900
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Goodnature M-1

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Craft the world’s greatest juice, one glass at a time.

Produce12 - 16 OuncesPer Press

Less Than3 MinutesPer Press

Less Than10 SecondsTo Switch Between Recipes

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What Makes the M-1 Unique

  • New ReadyGrind™ Technology

    Patent pending technology allows the user to change between recipes without any cleaning at all, by simply swapping out parts in 5-10 seconds.

  • Small Footprint

    Being less than 12 inches wide, the compact M-1 won't take up valuable counter space. The smallest commercial press available.

  • Affordable Price

    Starting at just $4,900, The affordability of the M-1 allows you to serve the world's greatest juice even if it's not the focus of your business. The easiest way to become part of the Goodnature family.

Taking Pre-Orders Now

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The New Standard

Generation Two Juicing

Herbivore™ Grinder

Herbivore™ Grinder

Our patent pending grinder loves kale just as much as it loves apples, ginger, and even almonds, making it the most versatile grinder ever created.

WholeFruit™ Hopper

WholeFruit™ Hopper

With a 3.5 inch wide mouth, there’s no need to cut or peel most fruit and vegetables. Easily feed Herbivore™ handfuls of kale, whole lemons, and more.

ReadyGrind™ Technology

ReadyGrind™ Technology

Our new patent pending technology allows going from one recipe to another without cleaning, in a matter of seconds.

FreshFilter® Press Bags

FreshFilter® Press Bags

Compostable, biodegradable press bags made from renewable resources. Single use bags cut down on labor time and help protect your customers from food-borne illness.

PresSafe™ Interlocks

PresSafe™ Interlocks

Grinder and press are fully enclosed while operating. This helps protect the juice from contamination, and the operator from injury.

Elegant Design

Elegant Design

A beautifully hand-crafted machine. Sweeping curves and rugged materials give the iconic Goodnature look. Several color options to choose from.

Goodnature M-1

Product Specs

Capacity:1.5 lb of produce (680 grams) per press
Output:12-16 ounces (375 - 500 ml) per press on most recipes
Power Requirements (US):Single phase, 115v, 60 Hz, 10 amps
Ratings/Certifications:Pending NSF/ANSI 8 , UL 763, Pending CAN/CSA C22.2 No.195-2016, Pending CE Compliant
Weight:70 lb / 32 kg
Required Counter Space:20" x 12" | 51cm x 30.5cm | LxW
Full Dimensions:22.5" x 12" x 22" | 57cm x 30.5cm x 56cm | LxWxH
Manufacturing:Made in Buffalo, NY, USA – NAFTA certificate available upon request
Produce Varieties:Apple, kale, pineapple, spinach, wheatgrass, almonds and other nuts, beet, celery, carrot, herbs, lemon, and hundreds more




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