Image of freshly squeeze orange juice.


Can Orange Juice Help a Sore Throat?

During flu season, we often hear that orange juice is the ultimate hero. But does it really work to treat a cold and sore throat, or is it just another myth? 

Well, it turns out that a daily dose of orange juice plays a significant role in helping maintain your immune system, but it's more of a preventive measure rather than a cure for a sore throat.

Does Orange Juice Help a Sore Throat?

The short answer is: no, orange juice does not help a sore throat. On the contrary, citrus juices contain strong acids that can potentially irritate your throat, so you might want to avoid them if your throat is feeling raw.

In fact, a study from The University of Maryland suggests that drinking orange juice doesn't really help treat a cold either, despite it's vitamin C content.

What can you do to soothe a sore throat? 

One of the best home remedies is to drink plenty of cool fluids throughout the day to help your body stay hydrated while ill, especially if you have a fever.

But make sure to go for less-acidic juices like grape or apple juice to keep yourself nourished without irritating your sore throat. You can also dilute your juices with water to make them easier on your throat and even more hydrating.

Are there other juices that can help a sore throat?

Studies have shown that pomegranate juice contains substances with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity and can help reduce inflammation and provide relief for a sore throat. 

Smoothies and yogurt that you can drink through a straw can provide the much-needed nutrition for healing while easing your sore throat. And if you’re looking for an anti-inflammatory fruit to add to your smoothie, look no further than bananas! 

Bananas are not only delicious and packed with nutrients, but they also contain powerful antioxidants that can help soothe inflammation, like an inflamed throat. Bananas cannot be juiced, but they can be made into a delicious smoothie.

And let's not forget about ginger! This amazing root has analgesic, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties that can help inhibit the growth of certain strains of bacteria. 

You can make ginger tea by boiling a spoonful of chopped, fresh ginger in half-a-pint of water. So, next time you have a sore throat, give these remedies a try and feel better soon.

Bottom Line

Drinking orange juice every day is a great way to get your daily dose of vitamin C and boost your immune system. But if you're already feeling under the weather with a sore throat, it might be too late for OJ. Instead, try one of the other natural remedies mentioned here to help you feel better. And once you're back to your normal self, don't forget to incorporate orange juice into your daily routine to stay healthy.