The 10 Best Apples for Juicing

It is estimated that there are more than 7,500 types of apples that have been grown around the globe, as reported by the World Apple and Pear Association. In contrast, only a handful of these apples are typically accessible in supermarkets. 

Each variety may possess a distinct set of characteristics, such as color, texture, flavor, and ripening period.

In this article, we'll tell you about the most popular apple varieties for juicing, and what makes them special.

The 10 Best Apples for Juicing

Apples are great for juicing, and the variety of flavors allows you to create unlimited combinations to tantalize the taste buds.

1. Honeycrisp

Honeycrisp apples are tart and delicious, making them a great choice for juicing. Despite their high-end price tag, they are in high demand due to their super-crunchy flesh and sweet juiciness. 


Growing Honeycrisp apples is difficult and time-consuming, as they require high maintenance and only half of the produce makes it to consumers, resulting in difficulty to keep up with demand.

2. Granny Smith

The Granny Smith apple is gaining popularity among health-conscious people due to its low-calorie content. It has a sharp, tart taste that gives it a longer shelf life and helps it resist browning quickly. 

Additionally, it has a lower sugar content than most apples, making it a healthier option. While the sourness can make it unpleasant to eat raw, it adds a unique flavor to green juices when combined with vegetables such as kale and spinach. (See our Spinach-Apple Green Juice recipe.)


3. Gala

Gala apples are a cost-effective variety of apples with a delicate sweetness that is milder than red delicious. They have a colorful appearance, usually with red stripes, and white or yellowish fruit skin. 


They are smaller than other popular apples, and when juicing, you will need to use more than two apples per glass of juice. They are best bought from local farmers and are harvested early in the season.

4. Pink Lady

Pink Lady apples have a high sugar and tartness content, as well as bright white flesh, that give them a refreshing flavor. Pink Lady apples also have a longer shelf life than other varieties, making them available all year round.


5. Jonathan

Jonathan apples are a popular choice for juicing due to their balanced sweet and tart flavor, and their slight spiciness, which makes them the perfect choice for cider.


They have a fine texture, exceptional juiciness, and thin skin which doesn't require peeling before juicing. They are known to produce a refreshing and flavorful juice, while their firm flesh ensures they hold up well during the juicing process.

6. Fuji

Fuji apples are a popular variety of apples developed in Japan but are now predominantly grown in Washington State. They are large and juicy and are renowned for their long shelf life.


They also have a similar sweetness to Honeycrisp apples. Because of their long shelf-life, Fuji apples are available all year round in supermarkets.

7. Red Delicious

Red Delicious Apples are a popular choice for juicing due to their sweet, mild flavor and high juice yield. They are also high in pectin, a natural thickener that can give the juice a pleasant texture, as well as being packed with antioxidants.


8. Braeburn

Braeburn apples are a popular choice for juicing due to their perfect blend of tartness and nutmeg flavor, creating a refreshing and flavorful juice. Juicers appreciate their great taste, balance, low cost, and high yield of juice they produce.


9. Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious apples are a great choice for juicing, as they have a mild, sweet flavor with a slight tartness and a high juice content. They also have thin skin that blends well in a juicer, making them a popular choice. The apple's honeyed flavor is a combination of sweetness and tartness, making it a delicious and aromatic choice.


10. Roxbury Russet Apple

Roxbury Russets are an old apple variety popular for juicing, belonging to the group of apples known as russets. This variety has a sweet flavor with a hint of tartness, making the fresh-pressed juice a delightful treat. It is considered one of the best apples for juicing.


What are the Benefits of Drinking Apple Juice?

Apple juice is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can help support immune function, heart health, and overall well-being. 

It is also a hydrating beverage that may reduce the risk of certain diseases and promote healthy digestion. Apple juice can act as a detox and keep the liver healthy. Apple juice has been proven to resolve constipation problems.

Additionally, it may improve cognitive function, though it should be consumed in moderation due to its high sugar content. For best results, choose fresh, unfiltered apple juice and limit intake to no more than one serving per day. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what your preference or flavor profile is, there is sure to be an apple variety that is perfect for your taste. Whether you’re looking for sweet apple juice, tart juice, or a combination of both, the 10 varieties of apples discussed in this article provide the perfect base for an amazing fruit juice or green veggie juice blend. 

With its abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, apple juice is a healthy, refreshing beverage that can be enjoyed year-round. So, next time you’re looking for an easy and nutritious beverage, reach for a couple of these delicious apples and whip up a tasty glass of juice!

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