Chef Gary LaMorte making aguachile with the goodnature X-1 Mini juicer.

Charlie Wettlaufer

How Chef Gary FX LaMorte Uses His Goodnature X-1 Mini Pro

Juice presses are gaining popularity in the culinary scene with chefs getting creative with how they are using the equipment as part of their tool-set. Chef Gary FX LaMorte, specifically, is expanding the concept of “cold-pressed” to include broths for traditional seafood cuisine.

“Having the Goodnature X-1 Mini in Our Arsenal of Equipment Gives a Competitive Edge in the Kitchen. Cold-Pressed Savory Raw Broths Such as Aguachile and Gazpacho Are Far More Superior than Traditional methodology.” – Chef Gary FX LaMorte

In this video below from a recent Chef’s Roll event, you can see Chef Gary creating his unique cold-pressed aqguachile recipe on the Goodnature X-1 Mini.

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