Behind the Juice Season One Recap

Charlie Wettlaufer

Behind the Juice Season One Recap

A Cold-Pressed Juice Documentary Series

One of the frequent requests we get from our customers is to be able to take a tour of a popular juicing facility or speak with an owner of one. Usually owners of juice companies are open to this in the beginning, but later find that it takes up a lot of their time when they need to be focused on growing their business. When in this situation, it becomes difficult to justify the time it takes to walk a new entrepreneur through the challenges of starting a juice business.

For that reason, I set out on a project—meet with successful juice entrepreneurs, tour their facilities, and interview them on film about the challenges of starting and growing a juice business. In early 2017, I began reaching out to founders of some of my favorite companies of different sizes and market segments, and set up a time to go behind the scenes and learn more about their business. I decided to call the series “Behind the Juice.”

These originally aired on my personal YouTube channel, “The Cold-Pressed Truth”, but I recently decided to close the channel and migrate the videos to Goodnature. The downside being the view count is starting back at zero 🙁

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Episode 1: Cafe Gratitude – Los Angeles, California

Cafe Gratitude is a long standing plant-based restaurant that started in San Francisco in the late 1980’s and has been selling cold-pressed juice long before any of the popular juice companies today. Now with 8 locations across California, Gratitude is not only a well known restaurant, but also a major vendor of cold-pressed juice. Being my personal favorite restaurant, I was excited to meet one of the owners, Carry Mosier, and get behind the scenes and learn more about their business.

Episode 2: Sol-ti Juice – San Diego, California

Sol-ti is the only all-organic, glass bottled, UV light filtered, and 100% cold-pressed juice and tea. Sol-ti was started 3 years ago by Ryne Odonnell and is available in several states already, and available nationally in hundreds of retailers. Their patented process allows them to bottle in glass, when other juice brands are forced to use plastic bottles because of the HPP process.

Episode 3: Clean Juice – Charlotte, North Carolina

Clean Juice is the first and only Certified Organic juice bar franchise in the US. The founders, Landon and Kat Eckles opened their first juice bar about three years ago, and started franchising about a year ago. They already have over 90 franchises sold at the time of writing this article. These stores are planned to open a few per month going forward. Super excited to see where this company goes.

Episode 4: Apples to Applesauce – Portland, Oregon

Apples to Applesauce is a non profit that takes donated food waste and prepares healthy snacks and juice for children and families in need in the Portland area. I was amazed to learn about how much produce goes to waste, and it’s nice to know there is a company doing something about it. Goodnature donated an X-1 commercial juicer to them last year, and they have been using it to make juice and natural freezy pops.

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Peace, Love, Juice!

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Kamil Bass

Hi, I’m interested in finding out more information on the process of starting a wholesale juice business through HPP after completing the validation study. Thanks, Kamil

Nov 4, 2020
Robin Frey
Goodnature logo badge

Hi Kamil, One of our team members will email you to see if we can help with the questions you have, thanks!

Nov 4, 2020

Let me know what a start up costs out of a food truck!

May 1, 2018

This sounds so exciting! I love smoothies and juice... I would love to do. One in France.. Do you know what the start up would cost for a small shop or truck ? Thank you so so much, Bobbe

May 1, 2018
Charlie Wettlaufer
Goodnature logo badge

Bobbe, have you checked out JK juices on youtube? She offers a startup guide for a juice truck!

May 2, 2018
Delethia Burdett

I will be leasing the X1 juicer at the end of the week for my new start-up business. I am looking for suppliers will you help me?

Mar 8, 2018
Charlie Wettlaufer
Goodnature logo badge

What type of suppliers? Produce suppliers?

Mar 9, 2018
Jill Howard

First, thank you for all the amazing content you and the Goodnature company put out. As you've noted, cold-pressed, non HPP juice is not a typical business. There are many challenges juice bar owners face that the typical "food" business does not. I have found these videos and blog to be wonderful resources, so thank you! I am a small juice bar owner in the mid-west and would be happy to share our story, obstacles we've faced, how we've overcome them, etc...should you find a value in sharing. Hats off!

Feb 16, 2018
Charlie Wettlaufer
Goodnature logo badge

Thanks for the kind message!

Feb 20, 2018