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A place where inspiration does not fall far from the tree. We are a family business with a mission to elevate the juicing experience by crafting the world’s greatest juice equipment. Bringing out the best of nature, since 1976.

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40 Years of Building Juice Presses

It all started with our dad and his passion

Before we were a company, our  dad and founder, Dale was a Rocket Scientist meets Free Thinker. His Aerospace degree came from the University of Toronto, but his love for invention started with repairing cars in his dad’s garage. After leaving his job building weapons for American troops in the Vietnam war, Dale pursued his passion for positive craftsmanship by creating small juice presses from his cabin in the wilderness.

“A bathtub in my kitchen was my first test lab.”

-Dale Wettlaufer

When several local farmers asked Dale to make juice presses for their orchard, he agreed — provided he received 100 letters in response to an advertisement he placed in the local newspaper. When it was over,

We had received 99 letters total.

WE grew from there

Goodnature was born

Not much has changed since Dale created “The Roadsider” for those farmers back in 1976. We still manufacture all of our products from design to production in Buffalo, NY.

Many of Dale’s inventions have become industry standard, thanks to his commitment to listening to customers’ needs and passion for constantly improving everything we make and everything we do.

It's all great fun

We find happiness in respectfully harnessing what nature offers: perfection. We’re always dreaming up new ways to make great things as a family. From small startups to larger businesses, we hope to help you find the same delight in juicing up nature’s best and leaving your positive mark on the world.

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