X-1 Buy Back Terms

Goodnature is offering to buy back a limited number of X-1s in 2023 from X-1 owners ("Seller", "you"). We are aiming to make this as simple as possible the for the seller, including sending shipping crate and required packing materials if required, and organizing pick up of machine once it is packed (we pay return shipping!). The terms of the agreement are outlined below:

  1. Interested Sellers must complete the buy back form.
  2. Goodnature will contact Seller for photos and more details if needed.
  3. At Goodnature's sole discretion, Goodnature may offer to purchase the machine from the Seller. Offer price will be based on condition of machine, year it was manufacture, and market demand for our buy back program. Depending on demand, we may not be able to purchase from all Sellers interested.
  4. It is required that you pack machine in original crate, or if a new crate is needed, one may be purchased from Goodnature at Seller's cost.
  5. Goodnature will organize freight shipping to Goodnature's facility at Goodnature's cost.
  6. Upon inspection, if any required components for machine operation are missing from the X-1 or grinder, Goodnature will deduct replacement cost from purchase price. Press bags and grinder blades are not required and should not be included in shipment as these cannot be re-used.
  7. If inspection succeeds, Goodnature will send a check for the agreed upon amount to Seller and Title will transfer to Goodnature.
  8. If inspection fails due to missing components, Goodnature may offer a reduced purchased price. Seller may accept reduced price or choose to have machine shipped back to Seller at Seller's cost.