Strawberry Kiwi Juice

Strawberry Kiwi Juice with Chia Fresca

  • by Robin Frey
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This strawberry kiwi juice is crafted with chia seeds for a delicious chia fresca feel that is brimming with health benefits.

Yield 12 oz
Calories 100 cal
Yield and calories may vary depending on produce used and method of extraction.
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Are you ready for a little taste of spring? We definitely are!

This strawberry kiwi juice is crafted with chia seeds for a delicious chia fresca feel that is brimming with health benefits.

strawberry kiwi fruit juice recipe on a table with ingredients

Whether you're making one glass at a time or a few gallons for your juice business, you're going to be happy you brought out the juicer for this recipe.

Click here to jump straight to the recipe. Read on to learn why we love it.

Why We Love This Strawberry Kiwi Juice Recipe

This yummy fruit juice is far different from the juice drinks at your local store. Store bought versions often include kiwi, apple and strawberry juice concentrate (sub-par for taste and nutrition). Sometimes they even include high fructose corn syrup (not good).

The delicious taste is thanks to fresh kiwi, strawberry, apple and grape. A bit of beet is included for color and added nutrition. A few mint leaves add a nice freshness. Finally, the seeds are mixed in (but not juiced) to add all the amazing health benefits that chia provides, plus give it that chia fresca effect.

strawberry kiwi juice ingredients on a plate

These ingredients also feature a number of health benefits. Most notably:

  • Strengthens immune system. There's Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in every major ingredient. Plus, Vitamin A, K and others support the immune system.
  • Rich in antioxidants. A broad variety of antioxidants are found in kiwi, strawberry, apple and grape.
  • Supports cardiovascular health. Strawberry, apple, grape and chia seeds all work to improve cardiovascular risk factors such as lowering cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure.
  • Natural antibiotic. Citric acid (in kiwi and strawberry) is a useful disinfectant against bacteria and viruses in the body. 
  • Anti-inflammatorySeveral ingredients can reduce inflammation.
  • Increases energy. Who doesn't need more of that?
  • Promotes digestive health. Much more so than those store bought juices with "natural flavors."

Not to mention there's also some calcium, dietary fiber and protein (shout out to chia seeds).

If you want to get really fancy, you can add puree (I suggest blackberries) to the finished juice as well. Learn how here.

Without further ado, let's dive into the recipe.

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Equipment note: We used the M-1 commercial juice press to make this juice recipe, but you can use pretty much any type of juicer. Just keep in mind that the quality will always be higher when using a juice press.

Learn more about the industry-leading commercial juicers we use to make our recipes.

Health Benefits

  • supports immune system
  • antioxidant
  • lowers blood pressure
  • lowers blood sugar
  • lowers cholesterol
  • improves digestion
  • reduces inflammation
  • increases energy
  • hydrating


  • kiwi (peeled)
    3.3 oz
    1 1/3 medium kiwi
  • strawberry
    3 oz
    8 strawberries
  • mint
    0.15 oz
    4 mint leaves or 2 1/2 tablespoons chopped mint
  • apple (red)
    8.8 oz
    1 1/4 medium apples
  • grapes (green)
    3.8 oz
    22 grapes
  • beet
    0.16 oz
    A small slice (about 1/20 of a beet)
  • chia seeds
    0.33 oz
    2 teaspoons or 9.3 grams


  1. Wash produce thoroughly, scrubbing the beet(s) to remove the dirt. Remove the top ends of the beet(s).

  2. Peel the kiwi, then weigh out the ingredients.

  3. Prepare the rest of the produce by removing the green tops from the strawberries and picking the grapes from the stems.

  4. If you have a juice press, grind the produce together and press. If you have a standard juicer, juice all of the produce together.

  5. Add the chia seeds to your empty glass (or bottle) and pour the juice on top of the seeds. Let it sit for about ten minutes for the chia to hydrate fully before drinking or serving.

Pro Tips

  • If mint stems are tender and green, you can use them as well as the leaves.

  • Blend the finished juice with frozen strawberries and/or ice to make a kiwi-strawberry slush!

  • If mint stems are tender and green, you can use them as well as the leaves!



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