red cabbage juice with grape and more
February 04, 2021

Robin Frey

Red Cabbage Grape Juice

Red cabbage (aka purple cabbage) is an absolute nutritional powerhouse. 

When most people fire up their juicers, however, red cabbage is not the first thing that comes to mind. But it’s slightly spicy taste and numerous health benefits make red cabbage juice a fantastic addition to a health food lover’s diet.


Maybe you’re looking to detox on a juice cleanse. Maybe you’re trying to juice fast for weight loss. Or maybe you’re just looking for a tasty and healthy recipe to make when juicing at home.

Regardless of why you’re here, this red cabbage juice recipe will not disappoint.


Why We Love This Red Cabbage Juice Recipe

“Really vibrant purple, earthy and well balanced.” – Tasting notes from Chef Gary.  This delicious and unique cabbage juice recipe was created by Chef Gary FX LaMorte using his Goodnature X-1 Mini.

Where do we start with such a wonderful recipe? 

This juice tastes amazing. We’re big fans of the taste of red cabbage in general. But the inclusion of grapes, along with a bit of orange, ginger and lime, leads to a quite unique flavor profile. You’re probably going to want to fire up the juicer and make this one again and again.

Now, let’s move onto the health benefits. We’re not going to list them all (we’d have to write for days to pull that off), but here are the highlights:

  • Ultra-rich in powerful antioxidants. In particular, red cabbage has loads of anthocyanins (more on these in a moment).
  • Supports your immune system (high levels of vitamin C and more). Every single ingredient is high in Vitamin C. But Vitamin A, Magnesium, Potassium and Vitamin B9-Folate are present in the juice as well.
  • Can help reduce inflammation in the body. All five ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Supports gut health. Drinking cabbage juice is well known as a natural remedy for preventing and healing ulcers. 
  • Promotes heart, muscle and nerve health. That’s thanks to the large amount of calcium in red cabbage.
  • Helps prevent cancer. All cruciferous vegetables (like red cabbage) are known for their anti-cancer properties. 

A single glass of this fresh juice is also loaded with enzymes, which help your body break down food and can help with stomach ulcers. Ending with the obvious: this fruity vegetable juice is vegan and gluten-free (people ask).

Anthocyanins in Red Cabbage

Anthocyanins are phytochemicals with antioxidant effects and have been reported as having the ability to support a myriad of health benefits including:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing cancer cell proliferation and inhibiting tumor formation
  • Diabetes prevention

These anthocyanin compounds are what give red cabbage its reddish-purple color, allowing for another interesting use — a pH indicator. To quote Compound Chem:

Red cabbage gets its colour from compounds called anthocyanins in its leaves. These anthocyanins are peculiar in that they’re pH-sensitive, and this allows them to be used as pH indicators.
If they are extracted from the red cabbage leaves by boiling the cabbage in water, the resulting solution can be added to different substances to test them.
The pH of the solution they are added to can affect the structure of the anthocyanin molecules, subtly changing them in a way that causes them to appear a different colour, as shown in the graphic [below].


So not only are anthocyanins a powerful antioxidant that’s great for your body, it also is what gives red cabbage the special ability to test pH levels of liquids. 

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Thanks that helps because I have no idea what .8 oz means. I'm used to measurements in cups or spoonfuls so again thank you I look forward to other recipes

Sep 22, 2022
Robin Frey

No problem at all! Happy juicing 😄

Sep 22, 2022

I think that's a great recipe but it would be easier to give ingredients and measurements of cups or tablespoons as I have nothing to weigh my produce with thank you

Sep 22, 2022
Robin Frey

Thanks! If look to the right side of the ingredient list you will see what you will need if you don't have a scale. For this recipe, its 1/2 of a medium cabbage head, 1 piece of 3 inch ginger root, 30 grapes, 1/2 lime, 1/4 medium orange. Hope this helps!

Sep 22, 2022

I tried it and found it to taste great and I didn't taste that earthy taste known in drinking red cabbage juice. Great taste.

Nov 10, 2021
Robin Frey

That’s great Monique! Thanks for sharing

Nov 10, 2021

I just tried it. Only I didn't have oranges so thought it wouldn't be too different if I put apples instead. I have an Omega masticating juicer and juiced the lime with the peel and put just a small knob of ginger. It's awesome! Everybody who tried it loved it. Might be my new favorite juice. Especially since cabbage is so healthy. I was surprised juiced red cabbage with grapes and apples tasted rather mild. And with the lime and ginger I just can't detect it at all. Thank you!

Oct 21, 2021
Robin Frey

Awesome Poli! Thanks for sharing your substitute and glad everyone likes it 😄

Oct 21, 2021
Jane Githinji

Looking forward to try this combination

Feb 26, 2021
Robin Frey

Great! Let us know how you like it

Feb 26, 2021
tony yakubu

This my first time opening this email red cabbage juice sound nice and I will like to try recipe.

Feb 4, 2021