Juice Bottle Label Design


Juice Bottle Label Design

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Elevate your juice bottles with personalized label designs. Work one-on-one with brand expert Olivia Esquivel to craft a bottle label that represents your brand in a captivating, irresistible way. 

Juice Bottle Label Design 
4 week timeline

Week 1

  • Meet with client to understand:
    • Brand Identity: Values, target audience and unique selling points
    • Product Details: Juice recipe's ingredients, flavor profile, and unique features
  • Define the deliverables
  • Research:
    • Competitor Analysis: Study labels of competing brands to identify market trends and to ensure differentiation
    • Target Audience: Understand the preferences and behaviors of the intended consumers
Week 2-3 
  • Content Finalization
    • Mandatory/legal details
    • Other desired information
  • Design Conceptualization:
    • Mood board to include color palettes, typography and imagery
    • Design elements selections
    • Determine label size and shape

Week 3-4
  • Review and refine label design mockup(s)
  • Provide print ready deliverables

Logo and content must be supplied by the client and approved by Olivia. If not, please inquire for additional logo content creation pricing.

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