Cold-Press Consulting Package - Advanced

# 30013

Work with Chef Ari to build a full menu for a health food restaurant or a juice bar with this advanced consulting package.

12 Custom Juice Recipes
Work hand-in-hand with our chef to develop recipes unique to your business. Appeal to a larger demographic while utilizing local products and produce.

Yield and Cost Analysis
Deliverables include analysis on how much juice your recipes will make, the cost per serving, calculations for produce orders, and provides traceability for your product.

Juice Cleanse Package
Format recipes custom configured for juice cleanse package.

8 Non-Juice Recipes
Choose from custom items like smoothies, bowls, wellness shots, and more.

Recommended Pricing
Ensure you are running a profitable business by pricing your menu intelligently.

Production Planning and Inventory
One full hour of consulting to discuss proper planning, inventory control, and processing to streamline production.